PPC trends

Some recent trends in the world of PPC advertising

Many Internet Marketing Managers are losing focus on PPC as they are diverting attention and spend onto social marketing. There is currently a lot of opportunity in PPC as large spenders lose focus or reduce budgets to move into the more fashionable new social arena.

  • Mobile PPC currently presents huge opportunity for the right websites.

  • Google AdWord’s withdrawal of the checkout rating, likely to be making way for a plus one rating.

  • From 2011 there are major innovations and opportunity in Facebook PPC where advert targeting by demographic is possible

  • In other languages (eg Chinese) Baudi is following AdWords policy by using a quality score. The old Classic Editon interface was retired in favour if the Phoenix Nest interface. Cornish WebServices can provide PPC management in a large variety of languages inculding Chinese (Mandarin), Russian, Arabic. Many countries (eg China and Russia) have different search engines and different PPC providers).

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