PPC Success Stories

Cornish expect and achieve excellent results from our PPC accounts.

Our target of minimum of 40% improvement shows we are confident of our ability to produce excellent results for clients.

Examples of how we have saved clients money. The results speak for themselves.

  • Ecommerce shop for DIY: After six month of PPC management, conversion rate increased 3x, cost per conversion reduced by 42%, sales value increased by 263% and profit increased 4x.

  • Online bike shop: new campaign created and existing campaign improved. After just two months management, 4x more sales, profit more than doubled and average CPC down by a massive 60%.

  • Tourism industry: restructured campaign and helped create and test new landing pages. Brochure requests and accommodation bookings increased by 734% and AdWords spend reduced by 34%

  • Large hotel chain: Individual budgets per hotel, use of geo-specific terms and long tail keywords, ROI increased 4 times in two months. Sales increased by more than 500%

The figures below are all from real client PPC accounts:

PPC (Tourism, 2011)

ppc for tourism

Number of bookings up 191% in last month.

Conversion Rate increased 160%

PPC can be very effective in the Tourism Industry at delivering well targetted visitors to the website.

PPC (B2B security products)

Number of enquiries up 150% in last month.

Cost per conversion down by 20%

Total PPC spend DOWN in last month (with increasing enquiries)

Pay Per Click Management

Number of sales increased more than 4 times in two months

Profit more than doubled in two months

Average Cost per Click reduced by a massive 60% in just two months

PPC work (events market)

In two months website saw 800% increase in non paid search engine traffic

PPC click through rates more than doubled after two months account optimisation

More useful traffic with over twice the numbers of paid visitors visit the contact page

PPC work (July 2009)

Increase of new visitors to the website of 44% comparing first 6 months of 2009 with first 6 months of 2008.

Multi-lingual PPC generating over1,200 leads in last few months.

PPC Advertising has become more complex, and qualified AdWords Professionals will achieve huge savings in performance, giving gains many times the management fee.

Looking for a company to manage your PPC advertising?

Cornish WebServices have extensive experience in both B2B and B2C type markets. Contact us for a realistic assessment of the benefits of PPC (pay per click) advertising for your business. We only use qualified Google AdWords Professionals to handle client accounts.

PPC Management Quality

Cornish WebServices believe in offering a quality PPC management service. The Qualified Google Advertising Professional logo shows that within Cornish WebServices we only use staff who have passed the Google AdWords Professional exam to manage client PPC campaigns. To verify this claim, click on the logo which takes you to Google AdWords Professional Status Page.

We recommend you always check the claims of any company claiming to be an AdWords Qualified Company.

As part of our quality approach to PPC management, Cornish WebServices are now also fully ISO90001 accredited. This proves our commitment to efficient working practices.

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