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Cornish WebServices have been managing email marketing campaigns for clients since 2003 and now provide the Cornish-Emailer, a professional hosted email marketing system which allows you to be in control of creating and editing and sending email marketing campaigns.

Cornish Emailer

The Cornish Emailer allows you to send emails in the knowledge that:

  • Emails are being sent from a 'white-listed' server - less chance of being classed as spam.
  • Professionally setup and tested HTML templates
  • Spam checking, link checking and email client checking facilities
  • Compliant with all EU and UK spam legislation
  • Multiple contact lists with unsubscribe lists and download / upload functionality
  • Superb reporting and tracking including emails delivered, opened, forwarded, links clicked
  • Time tracking and ability to schedule campaigns

The Cornish Emailer puts the client in charge of the ongoing campaign management, whilst using Cornish WebServices design expertise to create a good looking email to deliver high conversions and using our email marketing knowledge to help gets started with the campaigns.

Why use Email Marketing?

  • Email marketing is the most effective tool at converting existing contacts into 'sales'.
  • Short timescales to implement
  • Cost effective in terms of cost per visitor to website
  • Best method of moving contacts along the decision process to help them purchase your product or service.
  • Also maintains brand awareness.

What is Effective Email Marketing?

Effective email marketing is concerned with sending emails to contacts and encouraging them to take an action as a result.. The emails therefore need to arrive, be seen, be read and acted upon.

When Cornish WebServices design HTML emails for email marketing, we design to these principles. Looking good with all images viewable on full screen appears very low down the priority list. Getting the design and copy effective will have a significant impact on the email effectiveness, and is essential to get the high conversion rates our clients enjoy.

Need help with Email Marketing?

Contact us for a discussion on how we can help or view a sample of our html email template designs.

Testimonials - Internet Marketing


“Many thanks for the report. Your stats are most useful and your explanations constructive."

Mark Woolmer, Fitzpatrick Woolmer Design & Publishing, July 2012


“ I found your input and advice very informative, enthusiastic, helpful and also very easy to understand and implement as a layperson!"

Cath Jones, Sasi Weddings, March 2012

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