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Our Ecommerce website services include:

eCommerce Design & Development

We design and develop a range of different Ecommerce websites, using an appropriate technology to the size and scale of the website required. Our speciality is search engine optimised online shops, and we ensure all design and development is done to help market the website online.

We are familar with integrating with many different PSPs (Payment Service Providers) to enable taking of payment by credit card securely.

We can provide the full solution including hosting with secure server and certificate if required. We can also advise regarding PCI compliance.

Small eCommerce Websites

 search engine marketingFor businesses who have a small range of products, typically between 10 and 100 and unlikely to grow quickly above 200, we use a smaller search engine friendly shopping cart which has a user-friendly admin. This allows the client to maintain the products and process orders. Kingsley Plastics and C-Pro Direct are examples of our clients with smaller online shops. Read more about our online shop development, or to start selling to your customers all over the world have a look at our multilingual eCommerce development.


Large eCommerce Websites

 website maintenanceFor businesses starting with between 100 and many thousands or products we usually recommend an open source product which we install and customise as a feature rich enterprise level eCommerce solution.  Readicut Crafts, Occasion Photo Frames and Grahams Hi-Fi are using this system to manage the wide range of products offered in their online shops. Read more about our Magento eCommerce development.



Customised eCommerce Websites

 search engine optimisationSome businesses are better served with a bespoke solution. For example the Okey Dokey website, which was tailored to fit with the client's online retail requirements, is based off a platform called CS Cart. Express Labels, a site which allows you to design and order asset or security id labels online, is also a customised ecommerce website.  The interactive front-end of the store is highly client specific and forms the majority of the website. The ordering process is via a simple basket and payment provider. Read more about our CS Cart eCommerce development.

eCommerce Website Marketing

We think the Internet is a marketing manager's dream. This is because of the speed of feedback on the adverting, allowing very responsive and effective advertising to be used. With Google AdWords the data is so readily available you can optimise campaigns to only run at profit. In our experience a well run AdWords campaign is more than 40 times more profitable than one set up by someone not qualified. In the short term, paid advertising (starting with AdWords, then using other PPC providers) is the most effective way of generating increased revenue from an ecommerce website.

But in the longer term the costs count, and the form of Internet marketing with the high long term ROI is search engine optimisation. This enables you to generate income from your website at very low cost. Why not have a look at our eCommerce SEO, eCommerce PPC or eCommerce social media management services to help you get the most from your online store?

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