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Joomla SEOJoomla is a very popular free content management system for websites. It is widely used by many individuals and businesses and has an expanding suite of modular expansions for everything from portfolios to forums to eCommerce suites. Search engine optimisation on Joomla, however, is something of an art, and although there are a range of modules available to add onto the core system to assist with SEO it can still be very difficult to market a Joomla website without the right search engine optimisation expertise.

If building a Joomla website, as with any other system, SEO should be considered from the design concept level up – this is why at Cornish WebServices we always design websites to be highly visible to search engines and build them on our search engine optimised CMS.

For Joomla SEO, there are plenty of tips and tricks you can use to help your website become more visible to Google and other search engines in order to grow your business.

  • Install a good SEO module at the same time you install Joomla – we would recommend RSSeo, which is a complete solution, or iJoomla SEO. Both cost extra money but should be considered essential, as the core system has very little inbuilt SEO capability.
  • Make sure your page URLs are short, sensible and given post names rather than dates or numbers – avoid autogenerated numerical or date based URLs and make sure you pull out words like a, the or and in names avoid an excessive number of hyphenated URLs
  • Ensure you’ve got a sitemap set up and have unique, keyword-sensitive meta data on every page – this is one of the main reasons to get your SEO module installed early on
  • Keep a close eye on any possible content duplication or dead URLs as both high numbers of 404s and large amounts of duplicate content are extremely poor for SEO

If you need help with Joomla SEO or are looking to build a highly search engine optimised website from the ground up, get in touch with Cornish WebServices today on 0330 555 4680 to find out how we can build your business up online with our range of website design and internet marketing services.


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"Cornish are the SEO experts who've been keeping me at the top of Google for the past 7 years at a reasonable price."

Raymond Mason,
Business Development, Praetorian Guards Ltd

SEO Work

"May I take this opportunity to thank you for all your help and advice during the past year - and excellent SEO work - all much appreciated and I look forward to working with you in the new year."

Ken Christensen,
Dantech Ltd

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