Benefits of PPC Management

Benefits of using a specialist PPC management company

adwords-certified-partner.gifPPC Advertising has become more complex, and we find that well written and optimised ads alone will improve the ROI on PPC by an average of over 40%. This is the typical improvement we expect to see over DIY campaigns setup by those with little knowledge of the AdWords system. When PPC management is combined with website optimisation (including visitor conversion) much larger benefits are usually seen, and we'd consider increases of just 100% to be small.

PPC advertising is a marketing dream - with easily measurable response rates enabling a quick response to changing markets. Good PPC management should always consider the the profit or ROI of a PPC marketing campaign, and not just the 'number of clicks'

It is very easy for any PPC manager to 'increase the number of clicks' a website receives, but large numbers of poorly targeted clicks are of little benefit.

Advantages of Using Google for PPC management

Google now provide a free PPC management service, with free account optimisation.

For very low spends then this free service is a useful way of getting stated provided you keep a very tight control on the advertising spend. And never implement any suggestion on the content network unless you really know what you are doing.

Google offer a very good PPC optimisation service.  At least it is good for Google. This is very helpful at showing you all the ways you can spend more money, and it is excellent at optimising Google profit.

But if you would like a PPC management service that optimises your profit, then you are better using an independent PPC agency. For lareg advetrising spends the benefits of using an independent PPC agency can be huge.

Cornish WebServices have been managing client PPC accounts for over 8 years, and have never yet seen a single recommendation from Google to reduce spend. We are aware of many instances of clients being strongly encouraged to advertise on the poorly performing content network when this is of no real benefit.

Typical Benefits from PPC management service

Cornish WebServices aks a fixed management fee for PPC advertising which means we have no incentive to persuade the client to spend more. We can therefore concentrate on reducing client advertising costs or making a fixed budget go further.

Our fees might average out at 10% of advertising spend, but the savings are usually in excess of 40%. This means that by paying for our PPC management service you are saving over 30% on PPC costs. But in addition there is a saving in time and staff costs. Ideally every PPC campaign should be looked at daily to ensure all is running well. A PPC agency such as Cornish Webservices can do this - we can monitor all accounts very frequenctly as we have dedicated staff looking after client PPC accounts.

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