How and why a PPC Agency Operates

Are you struggling with the number of leads to your business, whilst knowing that you cannot increase your budget for advertising? This is where a PPC Agency comes in. PPC (Pay-Per-Click) is a system used by many advertisers to direct traffic to their own websites from another. This method of advertising is usually helpful to many businesses because it can show which adverts have most effect on the consumer and where adverts have the most effect.

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This sort of information is vital to an advertiser. It means that they can boost their leads while keeping their advertising costs the same, because they can cherry-pick the places where they want to advertise the most.

A PPC Agency can use their experience of advertising to make sure your business appears near the top on Google’s searches.  In the screenshot below, you can see that there are three main blocks on the search results. To the left are the main search results. These include search results for businesses which pay to have their name near the top, and also businesses which get to the top through Search Engine Optimization. You can see that the top three results on the left hand side are shaded slightly yellow in their background. This shows that the company behind the advert has paid to have their name shown there, because it will generate most leads. The column to the right on the search results is reserved only for adverts, whose developers have paid Google to allow them to be on the results. This explains why most searches you will make on Google and other such search engines will predominantly have another column or feature reserved for the results that have been already paid for.

Google’s own-brand form of Pay Per Click is a scheme called Adwords.

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PPC Agencies have been around for more than ten years now (PPC was first introduced by Google in 2002), which now means that the prices of adverts have started to climb. The cost of adverts is known as CPC (Cost Per Click), and because PPC is now a recognised and highly used marketing tool, an increase in users has meant an increase in the CPC. For this reason, it is now more important than ever to make sure you use a PPC Agency for your business’ marketing solutions, because their experience will mean that you get as many leads as possible.

Published on 02/12/2013

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