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We provide a variety of services to help clients with their social media marketing ranging from consultancy through to a total management service. The types of work we do include:

  • Social Media Branding
  • Social Media Design
  • Regular posts, articles, pages and other updates
  • Social Media Advertising
  • Social Media Apps

Social Media Platforms

Facebook social media marketingYouTube social media marketingTwitter social media marketingLinkedIn social media marketingGoogle Plus G+ social media marketing

We work with a range of different social media depending on the business type.


One of the most widely used social media tools with a huge following. This has obvious uses with businesses advertising to consumers, but is also a valuable tool for B2B business from an SEO perspective.

We have designed and branded over 30 facebook accounts. Some of these are then self managed by clients, and others we manage. We have provided several different facebook apps and often integrate these with websites. We also setup and manage


LinkedIn is the business tool and is hugely important for consultants, the IT and HR industries. However LinkedIn can provide some benefit via SEO for all websites.

LinkedIn PPC advertising is effective when targeting some sectors and we have experience setting up and managing many different campaigns.


Useful in itself but also has huge benefits for SEO and website visibility. We provide YouTube optimisation services for a variety of clients.


For short posts and updates or tweets. We providing branding and design services along with regular tweets if required as part of a social marketing policy. We can integrate twitter with your website with tweets showing on the website, or the other way round with new website news being included as a tweet.

Google Plus

Google+ is the emerging social media platform that is proving a fantastic internet marketing tool for online businesses. Google+ allows more control over who sees which posts and updates, so is great for businesses that want to tailor their message.

Google+ has significant SEO benefits that will only increase over time. We are managing more Google+ accounts now for our clients and this could be the next social media step for your business.

Pinterest, Flickr, Stumbleupon, Digg, Redditt....

For some clients we work on other social media platforms such as Pinterest, Flickr, Stumbleupon, Digg, Redditt setting up the account, branding and regular post or updates as required.

Help with your Social Media ?

For help with your social media contact Cornish WebServices.

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"I was introduced to Cornish WebServices by a colleague who said that [their] advice and design work on his website had brought him to the top of the natural search pages in Google... That was in August and we are now on front page... Now searching high, bringing in customers, job done!... Thanks."

David Jefferson,
Director JI Software

Cornish CMS

"I am currently working on updating the website. This process is wonderfully user-friendly – many thanks!"

Michael Reeves,
Assistant Headteacher,
Garratt Park School,

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