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The Chinese speaking market is growing incredibly fast and international businesses need to make sure their paid search marketing keeps up. China has a middle class population of over 240 million and an eCommerce sector that has overtaken the US and is still growing.

All Chinese transactions are highly secure with state banks often acting as the middle party, and the economy is the second biggest in the world. China even has its own Google competitor, Baidu, and its own suite of networking and social sites like RenRen, which require specialist approaches for effective PPC management.

Cornish WebServices offer highly specialist services in Chinese PPC including translation, keyword research, landing page development and even full Chinese website design. Our content management system is easily configurable to operate in Chinese and we can provide expert consultancy services for a range of online marketing in Chinese including social media marketing, Chinese SEO services and more.

Give us a call today on 0330 555 4680 to find out more about our Arabic paid search marketing services and how you can start growing your business by entering one of the most valuable and growing markets available online today.

Chinese PPC Examples*

  • 66% in Chinese visitor growth in one month
  • 39% year on year increase in new website visitors in Chinese

*figures taken from real client data

Grow Your Business With Chinese PPC

At Cornish WebServices we understand that Chinese language marketing is a means to an end - the growth and increased profitability of your business in the Chinese market. That's why our highly consultative services will work with you to decide on goals for your Chinese PPC which will help you to enlarge your revenue and grow your customer base, not just boost the number of visitors to your website.

Call us now on 0330 555 4680 and start taking your business to the next level with our Chinese PPC management services.


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