PPC management FAQs

Why do you charge a fixed management fee?

We are aware most agencies charge a fee based on % of advertising spend. So if you spend more on advertising the agency gains. We prefer a fee based on work done, allowing us to suggest decreases in advertising spend (if appropriate) without impacting our fees.

Google offer ‘account optimisation tips’. In 6+ years of PPC management we have never had suggestions from Google to decrease spend, only increase spend, yet we have sometimes suggested a reduction in advertising spend.

Is the advertising spend fixed?

No. You can ask us to vary this or even pause the spend for a while. Some clients ask the advertising to be paused when they have too many orders or enquiries.

How many keywords?

We have no fixed number of keywords; we have run campaigns with as few as 20 keywords and with more than 6,000 keywords. We select the best keywords for your market, and this will change with time. Keyword research is not a ‘one-off’ job at the start of the work, it is ongoing as part of the management process.

Can you guarantee top position?

No. Any agency claiming this is giving misleading information.

We can use a strategy of aiming for top (or any other) position, and in some markets this is easy to achieve.

What is ‘real time bid management’?

Many agencies use automated bidding tools which adjust bids according to a set of rules every half hour (or other interval). This enables the client accounts to be run on ‘auto-pilot’ at low ongoing cost.

As part of our competitor analysis, we will often note which of your competitors are using these products, and adjust our client accounts to take advantage of these auto-systems.

For large spending accounts we make partial use of such systems, but manual optimisation is an important part of our work and enables our client accounts to perform better than their competitors.

What reports do you offer?

We supply customised reports on a regular basis. The report content and frequency are agreed with the client so you receive the most useful amount of information at an appropriate interval.

We use phone calls and email to keep in regular contact with clients to discuss the paid search performance. This provides a better level of service than just auto generated reports and enables us to discuss changes in strategy or new products.

What are the benefits of your PPC Management service?

Firstly you are paying for a service, which reduces your time and cost.

Secondly, a well managed account will achieve results far superior to an account managed by less experienced staff. Our target for account improvement is a minimum of 40% - a figure we have always achieved and often exceed many times.

Do you outsource the PPC work?

100% of our English language PPC management is carried out by our own staff, in-house.

This is very different to many UK marketing agencies who outsource PPC work either offshore or to other UK companies.

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