Choosing a PPC Company

A good PPC management company should save you money by creating and managing campaigns far more effectively than you can. This requires experience plus an excellent knowledge of setting up campaigns on all the most important PPC providers.

Bespoke PPC campaign management systems. Many larger PPC agencies make use of in house bespoke systems to search for and analyse keywords and campaign performance. The problem with these is the developers are always playing catch up with the latest paid search facilities that the PPC providers such as Google AdWords provide.

You will often get better results long term using PPC management companies who are not tied to any one set of products but who use a range of techniques. So do not be fooled into thinking that "bespoke campaign management systems" are good - they may in fact be a disadvantage.

Length of time in the PPC business - everyone has to start learning PPC management somewhere, but it is best if it is not with your account! Check how long the PPC management company has been managing client accounts. Cornish WebServices were the first UK PPC agency to achieve Qualified AdWords Company status

Client references. Any good PPC management company should be willing to give contact details of clients who have been impressed by their PPC management service. Cornish WebServices have several clients for whom we have been managing one or more PPC accounts for over five years.

Staff qualifications - OK so the company you are thinking of selecting appear to be experienced, but who will be managing your campaign? A senior analyst or the newest recruit? Larger agencies tend to have a higher percentage of trainees, whereas a smaller consultancy may be staffed by just one or a few very experienced individuals. Provided the smaller consultancy can provide sufficient cover throughout the year, these types of companies are likely to use more experienced staff.

Google introduced a very effective AdWords exam at the end of 2004. We recommend you insist that all people managing your account have passed this exam.

Many companies (including Cornish WebServices) are Google AdWords Companies, meaning we have had at least two qualified individuals in the company in the last two years and have managed over a certain level of client spend. Unfortunately, the Google AdWords Company qualification does not mean that the agency still has two or more qualified people, or that these people will be managing your account. For this reason you are better in insisting that your campaign is managed by individuals who have passed the AdWords exam.

Fraudulent click checking. Many agencies claim they do this. Ask for evidence or results for clients. Any PPC agency managing many clients for more than 1-2 years will almost certainly have experienced some kind of fraudulent click activity on client’s accounts. Ask what was the result and in particular was the money refunded? Cornish WebServices have more than once supplied evidence to get substantial money back for a client account we suspected was receiving non valid clicks.

Targets. Amazingly there are still PPC agencies advertising success in increasing the numbers of clicks or visitors to a website. If this is your aim, forget the costs of a management company and setup the campaign direct with Google or Yahoo. Aiming to maximise the number of clicks or website visitors is easy (and usually of little value).

The skill and value is in increasing the number of targeted, relevant visitors. We recommend you only select PPC management companies who can determine return on investment (ROI) for you.

Visitor tracking. A good PPC analyst will quickly learn to understand your website visitors and how they travel through the website, giving feedback on website design issues. This is usually done through tracking code of some kind. Avoid any company who does not ask about tracking code as they will not be considering analysing your website or visitors.

Search Engine Marketing advice. Is your chosen PPC agency able to provide advice on other forms of Internet advertising, In the UK it is most likely that AdWords will be your first search campaign. But when considering how to invest further money other PPC providers (Yahoo) should be compared with other search techniques (directory listing, SEO, PR releases) or alternative PPC providers such as Facebook.

Why choose Cornish WebServices to manage your PPC campaign?

Cornish WebServices:

Are not tied into using any particular management or analysis tool, but select one or more methods of analysis and management for each client according to the market and budget.

Have a long track record of successful PPC management and can provide client references on request.

Have been managing client PPC campaigns since 2004.

All staff managing client PPC campaigns have passed the Google AdWords exam. We currently have three staff managing client campaigns.

check regularly for fraudulent clicks and can provide examples of clients for whom we have received refunds from providers such as AdWords. A fast response to unusual behaviour usually produces a good result.

We were one of the first PPC management companies to NOT base our management fee on percentage of clicks. Instead we prefer to work with the client in increasing numbers if useful targeted visitors as this gives better return on investment for the client.

We routinely provide more general website content advice as part of the PPC reporting and many clients have then seen dramatic increases in 'conversions' or sales as a result.

in addition to PPC management we also supply general SEM consultancy, SEO, email marketing and other Web2 Internet marketing services.

we can supply PPC management in other languages (for example currently managing AdWords campaigns in English, French and Dutch) and on other PPC providers (Yandex in Russia being one example).

Reasons not to choose Cornish WebServices to manage your PPC campaign.

The following are reasons not to choose us to manage your PPC campaign:

If you would like a 'London Marketing agency' based in the city charging London prices.

If you wish your agency to be based in smart rented offices.

You would like to increase visitors to your website, but do not mind if they are useful visitors or not.

About our PPC management services

Cornish WebServices have extensive experience in both B2B and B2C type markets. We also provide natural search engine optimisation services and often offer a combination of services where we gradually decrease PPC spend as the client website gains top rankings. Read more about our PPC management experience and company history in managing PPC campaigns, and information on our typical PPC clients.

Contact us for a realistic assessment of the benefits of PPC (pay per click) advertising for your business. We only use qualified Google AdWords Professionals to handle client budgets. We were probably the 1st UK PPC management company to do, and are still one of a very small number that do not allow 'unqualified staff' to manage client PPC campaigns.

Email usTel: +44 (0)330 555 4680

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