Tourism Websites

Tourism Website Portfolio, and What To Consider

These include websites for holiday accommodation (B&B's, hotels, self catering accommodation, condos, camp sites) and tourist destinations or attractions. We do not use standard templates, so each tourism website is unique. All websites are designed with future maintenance and search engine optimisation issues in mind, and we submit them to relevant local directories.

Websites for Tourism

For accommodation type websites a calendar of dates is often useful. Tourism websites are usually marketing and/or sales tools with the emphasis on being easily found, offering sufficient information and providing an initial point of contact.

When designing a tourism website, one of the most important considerations is search engine optimisation. A website that appears naturally on the top page of the search engines need spend considerably less on other forms of advertising.

Updating & Maintaining Tourism Websites

Cornish Webservices are able to maintain tourism websites, including regularly updating the website contents and also making checks on links and directory listings to ensure your website is found by the search engines. We are also able to design a website for the client to maintain using either a content management system or a website code editor. 

Most of our tourism website designs will cost upwards of £1,500 with full content management and initial search engine optimisation. We can also offer either annual maintenance of the website or we can design a website for the client to maintain themselves. This includes making the website visible to and submitting it to various search engines.

We are also able to revamp existing websites; we have particular expertise in making existing websites accessible and making them more visible in the search engines. We are able to maintain and update existing tourism websites, provided that we can gradually adapt the website code to become more accessible and search engine friendly. A significant part of our work is actually performing tourism search engine optimisation on existing tourism websites.

Example Marketing Results From Tourism Website

Cornish WebServices redesigned the Eastbridge Hospital website in 2003 to attract more visitors to the website and to increase visitor numbers at the historic Almshouse. Visitors to the website have increased significantly (by over 1500%) and more importantly, the actual visitor numbers to the tourist attraction have also increased.

Since you created our website visitor numbers to Eastbridge have increased significantly and at a time when other attractions in Canterbury have witnessed fewer visitors. Save for the website we have done nothing else to raise awareness and so the logical conclusion must be the website is primarily responsible for the increase in visitors. We are therefore enormously grateful to you for all the help you gave setting up the site and also for continuing to monitor its progress.

Nicholas Andrews, Trustee of Eastbridge Hospital

For this tourist website we have achieved these results purely by designing an accessible website and ensuring good links with relevant tourist directories.

Other Tourism Website Marketing Examples

  • 76% rise in booking enquiries year on year
  • 24% traffic increase year on year
  • 28% year on year increase in brochures ordered online
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