Most of our clients find us either through the search engines or from other client recommendations. We have NEVER needed to use paid Internet Advertising or email marketing to market our search engine optimisation services. We rely on natural search engine optimisation to be near the top of the search engine rankings for the keyword phrases that matter (which is not just 'search engine optimisation').

Client Recommendations

The following are a selection of comments from our website design and internet marketing clients.

Website Design

"I love the website and am excited to see the increase of interest in my company through it. I would whole hartedly recommend you and have been impressed with your professionalism, efficiency and patience with my technological incompetence. Thank you for a pain free and excellent service."

Jonathan Martin Ward, CareFell, March 2013

Website Design

"We were launching a new range of thermal roll cage covers and this was a good reason to revamp our website at www.5es.co.uk. Cornish WebServices were recommended to us by a colleague. It wasn't long before we had a much improved web presence and a 15% uplift in sales with some very good quality enquiries. I am pleased to say that Cornish WebServices exceeded expectations and paid for themselves in less than 6 months."

Richie Keen, 5ES, February 2013

Website Design and eXtra CMS

"We are a rural Parish Council in Warwickshire and have worked with Cornish Web Services for some time now and more recently they worked with us to update our web site. We found them to be very effective at understanding our requirements and implementing those requirements into a web design that we can all be proud of it for years to come."

Mike Crowther, Wootton Wawen Parish Council, January 2013

Website Design and Maintanence

"Many thanks for your very prompt and efficient service. We are very pleased with the spruced-up look to the web site.”

Gill Thompson, Barnes Woodfield, December 2012

Website Design and Branding

"I’m amazed and delighted. The logo and brand concept is better than I could have imagined, and the design is just stunning. Thank you!”

Hugh Attwood, Sword and Brush, October 2012

Search Engine Optimisation

"There has been a real upsurge...we came up well in the first page for all terms and also we came up on each subsequent page!  Well done and thank you.”

Clive Hannaway, Brighters, October 2012

Search Engine Optimisation

“Many thanks for your support, as always.”

Makoto Tsurugai, Concorde International, September 2012

Website Development

“I wanted to say what an awesome job you guys did on the Readicut website. From our point of view we are really pleased with the way it's been brought to life. To find someone like yourselves who we've found to be so easy to work with has been fantastic. It goes without saying that if were to have the opportunity to work on a similar type of project that we would come to you to work with again. Fingers crossed there are more juicy jobs out there soon!”

Designer we worked with to develop Readicut Crafts website, September 2012

Website Redesign and SEO Content

“Very pleased with the site, the copy changes also look good!”

Mark Skitt, Premier Vinyl Solutions, September 2012

Development for Ecommerce Website

“I love the look and feel of the new site - love the colours - love the mouse-over zoom - navigation and descriptions look good. Love the images for the intro panels for categories!”

Readicut Crafts, September 2012

SEO and Hosting

“We have definately noticed an increase in Google enquiries thanks to your excellent work behind the scenes.  Thank you!”

Clive Hannaway, Brighters, August 2012


“My new business cards just arrived – they look great!”

Oliver Clark, ADT Healthcare, August 2012


“Many thanks for the report. Your stats are most useful and your explanations constructive."

Mark Woolmer, Fitzpatrick Woolmer Design & Publishing, July 2012

SEO for Ecommerce Website

“I’m impressed. Thanks for the time it must have taken you to respond so comprehensively to our questions. It’s much appreciated!"

Absolute Power Tools, June 2012

Multilingual Website Development

“I am impressed Ruth with what you have done for the Japanese site - and I do thank you sincerely for the hard work by you and the ‘invisible team’ of developers in the background who I don’t see - please convey my thanks!"

Cherry Stone, Concorde International, June 2012

Website Development and Cornish CMS

“I am really so grateful for your patience and consistent assistance over the last few months."

Anna Dawson, Soundtect, June 2012

Website Design

“I'm really pleased and grateful for your help and expertise.”

"Congratulations again - I really love what you are doing."

Hedley Basford, Basford.com, May 2012

Website Maintenance

“Many thanks for the customary prompt service!"

Martin Ward, Top Choir Kent, May 2012


“ I found your input and advice very informative, enthusiastic, helpful and also very easy to understand and implement as a layperson!"

Cath Jones, Sasi Weddings, March 2012

Website Design

“I've been most impressed with the speed, professionalism and your willingness to go the extra mile on our website. Thank you very much."

David Clegg, Bradstow School, February 2012

Cornish VLE

Here are some quotes about the easy to use online homework management system we have developed for schools:

From a parent:

"We are keen to see it progress and think its a fantastic wary to improve the children's learning experience whilst conserving trees!  We only hope they can make full use of it and do lots of stuff actually on the computer directly rather than into a separate book.  We think it looks simple enough that even the children could grasp it easily."

From a teacher:

"We are really trying to push our children forward and we believe the Cornish VLE is part of the way forward."

Katy Gill, Sturry School, January 2012

Search Engine Optimisation

“Thanks for the work you are doing, its most encouraging."

Philip Stagg, Grahams, January 2012

Website Design and Hosting

“Over the past 3 years, Cornish WebServices have been very helpful and supportive on every occasion. We are very grateful for their personal service, attention to detail and the way in which they have promptly and efficiently responded to our requests for information and changes needed to our website.  I would happily recommend them to other organisations for their reliability and friendliness."

Ethney Anderson, Autism London, December 2011


“Thanks to Ruth and Rachel for all your help this year, answering every question and sending over every report. You and all the team at Cornish, all much appreciated. A record year online, a record November online, long may it continue into next year."

Tom Murrell, Walls and Floors, December 2011

Multilingual Flash Development

“Cornish has done excellent work on the Alcoa China eValuator tool (Chinese and English languages).  We also appreciate your effort to make sure the project was completed on time and on budget.  It has truly been a pleasure working with you and your staff on projects this past year."

Monica Sandu, Alcoa, December 2011


“The website is doing very well under you leadership and you are always on the phone when I need you, very helpful."

Peter Grove, Permark (Occasion Photo Frames), December 2011

Website Development Work

"Just to let you know that we have great feedback on the FAQ system from Defra and the DAs
- it actually lets to find the answer you want! They have also commented that the search function is "miles better" than others they have seen - and this is due to the searching working on the title and the key words.

Really great job! Thanks ..."

Yvonne Brown, Bureau Veritas, December 2011. Cornish WebServices are working with Bureau Veritas on several Defra projects in environmental areas such as air quality.

Cornish CMS

“The school have demoed updating the website to all the teachers this week and the feedback has been great, they were amazed at how easy it was to create a page for each year and class. They are now using the site in school to teach the children and as a portal for educational sites."

Wyndham Park School, November 2011, commenting on our easy to use content management system - the Cornish CMS. It lets them update their new school website that we also designed.

Cornish CMS

“Thanks, excellent service as usual"

Regarding the implementation of the Kent Top Choir website onto our content management system, the Cornish CMS, plus integration of an events management module.

Martin Ward, The Rotary Club of Great Britain, November 2011

Website Design

“I am only slightly short of ecstatic re the superb job you've done - nice work! A great look -  Clean and Fresh. Love it!

I hope it's an example of your finest work and will be flaunted as an example of superb website design the world over."

Gareth Carter, WeDoRecover, June 2011

SEO, PPC and Email Marketing

"We really appreciate all your efforts on our behalf over the last few years and it has been an absolute pleasure working with you. I wish you every success with the Cornish clients that are lucky enough to have you working with them in the future."

Carole Broad, Total Logisitcs, May 2011

Search Engine Optimisation

"Rachel is the SEO expert who’s been keeping me at the top of Google for the past 7 years at a reasonable price."

Raymond Mason, Praetorian Guards, January 2011

Website design and SEO

"May I take this opportunity to thank you for all your help and advice during the past year - and excellent design and SEO work - all much appreciated."

Ken Christensen, Dantech, December 2010

Website design and search marketing

"For the record I think that you have done a great job for us to date, I greatly appreciate your efforts and hope to continue working with you in other areas."

Dominic Higham, Patient Choice, July 2010

International PPC management

... "I seem to be getting enquiries from foreigners and bookings so whatever you are doing is working! Just thought I would let you know, it’s nice to get foreign enquiries at last! Thanks.."

Marie Carnell, Looe and Polperro Holidays, 3rd April 2010

Having increased booking significantly from the UK by natural search we suggested increasing these further by using targeted paid advertising, particularly for the Dutch and German markets as many Dutch and/ German tourists enjoy visiting Cornwall.

SEO and website design

The following was received by one of our clients in response to their website:

"Website – fabulous – I personally rarely use Google to source new team building ideas, but you came up at the top of the search engine list and your website is very good. I especially like your personal profiles and the testimonials given my enquiry was not via a referral or recommendation..."

Sue, client of Venturis Kitchen, 18th March 2010

We built the venturis-table.com to be very search engine friendly and keeping to a user-friendly style. We provide ongoing Internet Marketing to maintain good website visibility for corporate team building activities in the London area.

Cornish CMS

"I am currently working on updating the website.
This process is wonderfully user-friendly – many thanks!"

Michael Reeves, Assistant Head teacher, Garratt Park School, Wandsworth, February 2010

SEO from Cornish CMS

The following recommendation can be found on LinkedIn under Dr Rachel Cornish's profile.

"I was introduced to Cornish WebServices by a colleague who said that her advice and design work on his web site had brought him to the top of the natural search pages in Google. My web site was not searching well thought graphically it looked 'pleasing'. As it was not pulling in the business it was not 'fit' for its intended purpose, so I approached Rachel to do whatever was necessary (no real constraints apart from modest budget). That was in August and we are now on front page. I had to be part of the solution and writing material for the site was an important task; necessary, but not all that difficult. Rachel also helped on wording here and there, sometimes quite brutal, but usually the 'delete' key was all that was necessary. Now searching high, bringing in customers, job done! .... But Rachel points out that it's never 'done'; so it's a bit of a treadmill, but it works. Thanks. David"

Service Category: Graphic/Web Designer
Year first hired: 2009 (hired more than once)
Top Qualities: Great Results, Good Value, Creative

David Jefferson, JI Software, 8th January 2010

Search Engine Optimised website development

"Hi Rachel,
I want to thank you for your initial publicity work getting ready for our new site launch. We have recently come up the listings on natural search and we are looking forward to getting to page 1 soon. This week we had a prospect come to us because we were on page 2 of his search and he was looking for someone local to support his Maximizer system. We are in Bedford and his offices were in Cambridge and Milton Keynes; a perfect match! He had read up about what we offer and how we are different, so before the call he felt he already knew us. We got the business on the phone. I have always felt that this was the way the web is supposed to work. Thank you."

David Jefferson, JI Software, 8th January 2010

Multilingual Website Maintenance - A Seasonal Recommendation!

Thank you so much.

Cherry Stone, Concorde International, 24th December 2009

Website Design

"As you know we were really pleased with the Rethink the Horse Tax website you put together for us, and we’re proud to say that the campaign has so far been well received. Over 10,000 people have signed the petition to which the website links, which is great news."

Jonathan Ware, PLMR, December 2009

Website Maintenance

"M- for magnifico!! Well done! Colin has just seen it and is impressed!."

Cherry, Concorde, December 2009

Website Development

"I’ve just had a look at the jobs pages and they are looking great – thank you! ... would simply like to say a huge thanks again and wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!"

Danny Bowles, December 2009

PPC and Marketing Consultancy

"I do appreciate the stimulation of the greymatter on this one – certainly got me doing a little thinking."

Graham Hughes, Anquet Maps, October 2009

Website Portal Database Development

"Thanks for your customary excellent support."

Les Ellis, Bexley Town Council, 22nd October 2009

Design Work

"Thank you. We are more than happy with the designs. You should see them around the web over the following weeks!"

Jeremy Plant, Your Novelty Gifts, October 2009

PPC Management - Best Search (PPC) October 2009

"Congratulations. You have exemplified your commitment to excellence. Your firm understands and excels at customer satisfaction, has a great depth of knowledge, and has unique advantages over your competitors. We highly recommend you use the tools below to highlight your excellence."

Independent Review based on client references from TopSeos.com, October 2009

Website Maintenance

"Dear Rachel Thanks for your rapid response, great service!"

Les Ellis, Shop4CareBexley, October 2009

Website Updating & Maintenance

"Thanks for your help with the skip pages, I am really pleased with them so we will wait and see now what the stats come through like."

Caroline Mills, Group Marketing Manager, Countrystyle Group, October 2009

Website Maintenance

"James, Amazingly quick."

Gary Hagerty, Gatwick Belmont, October 2009

Website Development & Maintenance

"Thank you very much for your e-mail & making the changes in readiness for my presentation tomorrow. I really appreciate this as you and your staff have worked at the weekend to do this..."

Vinod Kunar, Inspire Community Trust, September 2009

Website Maintenance & Marketing

"Michelle, You are a star!!!!!!!!  That looks brilliant. 
Thanks so much for doing a great job.  Cheers..brilliant as always!"

Carole Broad, Total Logistics, August2009

New Website Design (multilingual)

"Thanks Michelle..the design looks great."

Carole Broad, Total Logistics, July 2009

Website Development and Maintenance

"hi michelle
thanks for working on our website its great to see some nice variety in the photos
..... perfect!! thanks for the speediness.
..... ive just seen it, it looks amazing."

Marie Carnell, Looe and Polperro Holidays, Varioue emails, June 2009

Cornish Emailer

"As a writer of e-campaigns, I’ve been asked to work on a wide range of internet marketing software products for a very diverse clientele. I have to congratulate Cornish on putting together one of the most user-friendly, intuitive packages that I have encountered to date. I’ll certainly be recommending this service to my own clients as an integral component of their overall marketing strategy. Thank you!"

Louise Steel, The Prolific Pen, June 2009

Website Maintenance

"Very many thanks for the ‘ticker-tape’ ad on home page for Cambridge (GREAT!) and for putting up the Junior one .
Colin is so impressed he’d like to ask if you could create a space on the Adult courses – English Summer - a click box for Cambridge adults summer course and it opens onto the attached Cambridge doc ?  !

Michelle – thanks so much – I don’t know where you get your pateince from –it would drive me mad if I had to be constantly amending and changing stuff!"

Cherry, Concorde, June 2009

Website Development - Admin system for updating property database - and SEO

"Hi Rachel, I have played with the images and think its great, easier, can change the order of pictures easily, just brilliant. I'm so pleased. The SEO seems to have had great impact but thanks to your efforts, hard work, blood sweat and tears no doubt, you can rest assured im as equally knackered as you probably are....thanks to those efforts! What a start, thanks to you all."

Marie Carnell, Looe and Polperro Holidays, June 2009

Website Design and SEO for an energy company

"Rachel combines an excellent combination of communications expertise, graphic design, and search engine optimisation (SEO) know-how. I was delighted with the website she created for our company (www.enstra.com) and we will shortly be asking her for help on SEO optimisation as phase 2 of our engagement with her. Work she has done for colleagues of ours has got them onto page 1 of google - you cant get better than that!"

Peter Franklin, Energy Consultant, Enstra Consulting, February 2009

Website Design & Search Engine Marketing

 "Fantastic service. Thank you!"

Patient Choice asked Cornish WebServices for a new landing page for various types of Internet Marketing plus new affiliate codes added into a database. Within one hour all was up and running. We answer queries as fast as possible, although cannot guarantee a one hour turnaround for all work!

Dominic Higham, Director, Patient Choice, February 2009

Website Design and Search Engine Marketing for Small Business

"I would like to most sincerely thank you for all that you did for AlphaLAW. Your help, guidance and advice proved invaluable to me regarding the design of our web site and to making full use of Google and all of its features. Your quality of service, skills and ability to discuss problems in a friendly and understandable manner were exceptional."

John Meehan, AlphaLAW, January 2009

Website Development & Search Engine Optimisation

"Rachel is one of those rare people that once found you never want to lose. She has worked wonders with the design and development of my website and so good is she at SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) that I am receiving enquiries almost daily for my services as a management consultant. I have lost count of the number of times I have recommended her to others."

Hedley Basford, Basford Management Consultants, Hedley Management Consultants, January 2009

Website Design and Accessibility

"Cornish WebServices create great websites for charities and businesses with an eagle eye for the best possible user experience and full accessibility standards."

Eddie Tulasiewicz , Communications Manager at Diocese of Westminster, January 2009

Website Maintenance

"Thank you. I think the overall result is excellent."

Leslie Seldon, Seldon Notary, October 2008

Website Maintenance & Search Engine Optimisation

"Allow me to say I’m very pleased with the web site and we seem to be getting a lot more traffic through it already. My thanks to all who worked on the site and may we have a long and fruitful relationship. Thanks again."

Tony Field, Gatwick House, September 2008

Website Design & Search Engine Optimisation

"Thanks very much. The site is already generating business!"

Kevin, Airport Cars Kent, October 2008

Search Engine Optimisation

Dominion Security Ltd

"You're doing an excellent job, I've just seen my local listings, many thanks."

Raymond Mason, Dominion Security Ltd, October 2008.

Website maintenance

A website with bespoke CMS system for rugby club which we created in 2006. For websites which we host we are able to offer a small amount of help and advice when changes are needed

"Many thanks Rachel for your very prompt response!" 

Niall Shalloe, Camberley Rugby club, August 2008

Charity Website Design - www.asociana.org

"Congratulations on the website. It's great to have such a resource and here at SAMS I shall find it extremely useful. I will also make sure that folk on our Northern Argentina mailing lists are aware of its existence. I will provide a link from the SAMS site...

Again, great work...."

Cornish designed and built a website for Asociana, a charity working with the chi people of Northern Argentina.

Robert Lunt, SAMS, June 2008

Website maintenance

"Thank you for sorting out the mistake I made on the Site, I'm very grateful to you for dealing with this so promptly."

If we can correct an error immediately we will. The above example was up and running correctly within 10 minutes of receiving the phone call. With a comprehensive set of website backups and skilled designers or programmers available most of the time, we can usually restore errors introduced by clients quickly.

Website design & usability

"We invited people visiting the Mentoring Web Site to evaluate the Site and feedback with their comments. The positive response to the design has been overwhelming, with visitors remarking on the layout, colour scheme and composition of the whole Site with the Home page providing a warm welcome. Additionally and equally important visitors find the Site easy to navigate and very quickly find the area in which they have most interest. In developing the Site I have been very impressed by the support I have received on a regular basis from you. Thank you to Cornish Web Services for a job very well done."

Les Ellis, Inspire, January 2008

Website maintenance

"Many thanks for the prompt response!!"

Mark, CroydonSouth Rotary, January 2008

If we can turn around a client's request for website changes within a day (as above) we will. For some clients we provide a guaranteed 2-day update for website changes.

Search engine optimisation

"The basford.com website has moved up to 6th in Google, searching for 'management consultancy'. It s now the first actual consulting practice - well done! (Jan 2008)

PS - search today on Google for xxx . and I come 7th on the first page - on Google.com and Google.co.uk That's really good!" (Dec 2007)

Hedley Basford, Basford Management Consultants. www.basford.com. January 2008, December 2007

Search Engine Marketing

"I see that our rankings on google.com have improved dramatically - 8th for xxx... Thanks for your efforts."

Peter Roan, Total Logistics, www.total-logistics-eu.com - November 2007


"Thank you for your advice and excellent support...."

Les Ellis, Inspire December 2007

Website design

"Thank you so much for your work and patience with us in setting up our website. We both think the new site is great and have received very positive feedback already. We would have no problem in recommending your company in the future."

Tony Macneil, White Planet Ltd. www.whiteplanet.co.uk. November 2007

Web Marketing - SEO and PPC

"Many thanks to Rachel at Cornish WebServices for taking the stress out of our web marketing. no longer do we have to keep abreast of every new tactic and scheme of companies such as Google to extract even more money from us. She really knows her subject and regularly comes up with ways to improve what we are already doing.."

Raymond Mason, Dominion Security Ltd, July 2007

Website design

"We've made the final 3 for the Hantsweb awards! This is great news and all thanks to you."

Amanda Bowens, ladder4learning, August 2007 (although we think the last part rather generous as Amanda has done a great job at expanding the website we created in 2005). This shows what a client can do to expand a moderately sized well written website into a large useful Internet resource.

Website design & database development integrated with call centre tracking

"You are the best out there at providing a speedy response. Thanks."

Dr Bruce Trathen, Triage Healthcare, July 2007

Accessible Website Design

"I would like to thank you for the brilliant work on the Visage site which proved to be the main interest on our stand at the Kent 20/20 Exhibition as you will see in the attached picture."Channel Chamber of Commerce

Mike Peek, KAB, May 2007

"Our thanks to Rachel Cornish at Cornish WebServices for her tremendous work in getting the site on-line so quickly and in time to be show-cased at yesterdays Kent 2020 Business Show where Visage had a strong presence."

Rob Chambers, Channel Camber of Commerce, April 2007

Cornish WebServices designed and created the Visage Employers website within very tight timescales (one week). The website was the final deliverable in a project to work collaboratively with businesses to develop this online toolkit. Earlier in the year Cornish WebServices worked with Robert Chambers (Channel Chamber of Commerce) on a website designed to help develop content for the above website.

Website hosting & management

"Since the new website hosting took effect I've received more calls than usual. Is this something you have done?"

Simon Grant, February 2007

In response: When hosting / maintaining websites we only do so provided we can make websites more accessible, and this makes them more visible to search engines..

Search engine optimised website design

"Website design in a competitive market aimed specifically at good search engine rankings.

I am ringing to tell you that we have already have several enquiries from Google - yet I thought this was supposed to take 3 months."

Miles Richards, January 2007

In response: We do sometimes get websites onto the top page of Google within a few weeks, but this is an unrealistic expectation in most markets.

Website Redesign

Website redesign to include secure investor area and admin facility to update fund prices and documents.

"We are particularly proud of the look of the new site. It is not only easy to navigate but we feel has a professional modern approach and Cornish WebServices who designed it for us are to be congratulated."

Mike Seargent, Lawrence House Fund Managers - November 2006 (Press Release)

Search engine optimisation for an organisation

"Some very quick work enabled this website to be easily found on the top pages of the search engines.

Thank you for your assistance with my Rotary club site. you have, yet again, exceeded all expectations."

John Meehan, Camberley Rotary Club - November 2007

Website design & maintenance for self catering accommodation website

"I've had a very busy year - doubtless in part to your excellent website."

Penny Cracknell , Double Dance - November 2006

Occasional website updates / website support

"Thanks for your co-operation, we are certainly lucky to have your support."

Les Ellis, KAB - October 2006

Website design for parish council

"Thanks for taking on board all my comments - I'm really delighted with the way the site looks and works."

Pam Hardiman , Hoath village website - September 2006

Website design for small business

"I think that it is about time to update my website. .....
The existing web site does produce a fair number of leads from here and overseas."

David Perman, Shirehall Consultants - September 2006

We originally designed this website in 2004, and it is still producing leads from the search engines several years later, despite being a small website.

Pay per Click Management for UK business

"I am delighted to see that we've had so many more impressions and even a few clicks - we should have come to you sooner!"

Linda, - June 2006

Search engine optimisation for office cleaning company

"Just thought you might like to know that we've had an enquiry from a prospective client who found us on the web! Highly unlikely to have happened before your good works so thank you!"

Linda Tanner, Interact - the service company - February 2006

Website design for holiday cottage

"The site has been a success from our perspective supporting our efforts admirably in advertising in magazines and papers."

Dave Cousans, Clynnog Cottage - November 2005

Search engine optimised website designs for small business

"BTW I had a job as a direct result of the web site. I came up close to the top in his google enquiry. Obviously something works!"

Peter Blackman, peterbphotography - September 2005

This website is maintained and updated regularly by the client. As with all our websites it was written to be highly visible to the search engines.

Website design for small business

"Just to let you know that I have recommended your services to a business colleague of mine, she was very impressed with 'In The Dog House' website."

Marie, in-the-dog-house.co.uk - September 2005

Website redesign for a database driven website

"Thank you so much for all your help, it has been am absolute pleasure to work with you on this project. If you would like to pass my contact details on to any potential clients I would be more than happy to recommend Cornish WebServices."

Amand Bowens, ladder4learning, June 2005

"At a first look I think that all those who have worked on this new design should be congratulated as it looks good and seems to work very well."

Nigel Keir, ladder4learning

Search engine optimisation for a small business website 1

"Just to let you know that I am presently coming up 11th on a Google search for Pharmacy Consulting. Pleased with that - thanks."

Richard King, Pharmacy Consulting - April 2005

Before we undertook some search engine optimisation work, this website could not be found anywhere at all on Google or the other major search engines. Within 2 days of us completing the work, Pharmacy Consulting were on the top page of results for both MSN (ranked 1st or 2nd) and Yahoo. Within a few months Pharmacy Consulting was listed high on Google for longer keywords phrases and search engine rankings have continued to improve. The content and ongoing search engine optimisation are now handled by the client.

Search engine optimisation for a small business website 2

"I did a Google search yesterday on art online hampstead and came up  on page 2.. Not bad! Quite an improvement on "site unknown."

Ben Greenstein, Art Online Hampstead, April 2005

Website design and marketing of a small website for a visitor attraction in Canterbury, Kent.

Cornish WebServices redesigned the Eastbridge Hospital website in 2003 to attract more visitors to the website and to increase visitor numbers at the historic Almshouse. Visitors to the website have increased significantly (by over 1500%) and more importantly, the actual visitor numbers to the tourist attraction have also increased.

"Since you created our website visitor numbers to Eastbridge have increased significantly and at a time when other attractions in Canterbury have witnessed fewer visitors. Save for the website we have done nothing else to raise awareness and so the logical conclusion must be the website is primarily responsible for the increase in visitors. We are therefore enormously grateful to you for all the help you gave setting up the site and also for continuing to monitor its progress."

Nicholas Andrews, Trustee of Eastbridge Hospital

For this tourist website we have achieved these results purely by designing an accessible website and ensuring good links with relevant tourist directories.

Accessible website design of a larger website for a consumer association.

Cornish WebServices redesigned the website for VLV in 2004 to make it easier for the client to maintain, be accessible to all and update its appearance. This website has over 100 pages, most of which now comply with the latest UK DDA legislation. VLV received the following comment from one of their blind members:

"Bearing in mind that I am totally blind, and use a twelve-year-old computer, I am pleased to tell you that all parts of the website which I thought would be of interest to me were successfully negotiated, including the reply option for this e-mail. Well done VLV!"

Peter W, VLV Member

Visitors to the VLV website have more than doubled in the last 6 months to over 5,500 per month. This again is purely as a result of having an accessible website and no PPC advertising has been needed.

.......some other client comments

"I think the number of hits the site is getting is quite remarkable - many congratulations."

Kinn McIntosh, Publisher (for website selling online books)

"Many thanks for you prompt, as always, response."

Les Ellis, KAB (for email/phone support for website maintenance)

More references to follow.... please contact us if you would like to add a comment to this page.


SEO work

"I was introduced to Cornish WebServices by a colleague who said that [their] advice and design work on his website had brought him to the top of the natural search pages in Google... That was in August and we are now on front page... Now searching high, bringing in customers, job done!... Thanks."

David Jefferson,
Director JI Software

Cornish CMS

"I am currently working on updating the website. This process is wonderfully user-friendly – many thanks!"

Michael Reeves,
Assistant Headteacher,
Garratt Park School,

View what other clients have said

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ISO9001 website design

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