French websites and French website design

Cornish services have now designed several websites in French and have also provided French search engine marketing.

French website desigbn for aircraft charter company   French website desigbn for aircraft charter company

Websites in the French language

The French language uses the Latin character set but with a large number of accented letters. Like English, French is written from left to right.

When converting websites from English to French more room is usually required for the text, so this can impact on menus and general layout. French words also tend to be longer which again can impact the visual appearance of the website.

Issues when designing French websites

One important factor here is the server used for both development and to host the website. Some servers send default character sets to the browser, overwriting any character set defined within the webpage and this prevents the French accents in the character set from showing clearly.

There are several French language codes; fr, fr-FR, fr-CA and fr-BE for Parisian French, Canadian French and Belgian French.

French Google search engine French Yahoo

France and the French speaking countries are some of those in which Google is a dominant search engine but Yahoo is relatively stronger than in the UK.

French website hosting

We have hosted websites in France, and this is advantageous to get high website rankings in the search engines.

French domain names

A French domain name (.fr) is beneficial in terms of making the website look more French to French speakers and it also helps get higher rankings in the search engines.

Search Engine Marketing in French

Cornish can provide different levels of search marketing in French. For all websites we design we automatically submit these to Yahoo and Google. We are also able to offer varying levels of ongoing search engine marketing and paid search (PPC) advertising. For paid advertising the most important in France is Google then Yahooo. We have experience of both SEO and PPC in the French search markets, and have more than one French speaker on our payroll.

Looking for a company to translate and host your website in France?

Cornish WebServices can provide a full translation, design, hosting and search marketing service in French and many other languages. We always use natural language speakers for the translation work to give the best results. Staff within Cornish WebServices have previously worked both in France and other Eurpoean countries and we have experience of marketing within many different countries.

Websites in Other Languages

Website development and Ongoing Internet Marketing

We have also produced micro websites in the following languages:

  • Croatian
  • Korean
  • Latvian
  • Polish
  • Turkish
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