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Online Payment Systems

Our in-house development team have experience integrating databases and websites with many different online payment systems.

We can provide these systems as parts of large ecommerce shops or as part of bookings or membership on a website. In fact we can customise the web application to meet virtually any requirement.

Our services include:

  • Actual integration, so code to send the order details to the payment system and code to recieve infromation back regarding a sucessful or failed transaction.
  • Branding of the third party payment provider to match client webpages
  • Setting up on the test server for testing.
  • Helping move onto the live server (this is usually a switch in the payment provider account).

PCI compliance issues

In general we recommend integrating with an online payment provider as they will have taken the necessary steps to become PCI compliant. PCI compliance is a requirement and there are several different levels. The first level is reasonable easy to meet, but is only available for relatively small volumes of transaction. After this acheiving higher levels of compliance is difficult and expensive. If you use the services of a 3rd party payment provider then all credit card details wil be handled by them.

Payment providers

SagePay is one of the most common online payment providers. This was formerly known as Protx, and they have a large market share. There are many different ways of integrating with SagePay depending on how you wish to handle the transactions. With SagePay it is possible to customise the templates for taking payment to match the website. The introduction of much stricter online payment regulations means the customising of templates is slower than it used to be as there are more security checks on the code used.

PayPal is an entry level online payment provider, popular with some businesses and charities but not generally used for larger business. For businesses with high volumes of transactions the fees can be expensive.

WorldPay is another online payment provider that is popular with start up businesses as it incorporates a merchant account. The rates are not always as competitive as other providers.

Securetrading is another UK based payment provider which can provide good rates for larger businesses. There is a monthly fee and a Virtual Terminal is available for use. Steamline are another online payment provider offering services in UK and Europe.

Banks have online payments systems too, and these usually take longer to integrate as the process of authorisation and setup is slower. ePDQ is the name Barclay's use for their online payment provider solution which has several different versions depending on the exact services you need. Other Baning systems we have experience of include HSBC merchant services, Cardnet (Lloyd's)

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Need help in taking payments securely online?

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