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With print advertising everyone sees the same content of the document. But with digital media it is possible to show targeted advertising and personalised content.

Cornish WebServices were pioneering personalised websites back in 2005 before the term content delivery was even thought of. We developed this concept and tools as it provided a significantly better conversion rate on our marketing websites.

personalised content

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What is Personalised Content?

Personalised content delivery means varying the content that is shown on a website according to how a visitor arrives on the website (any search queries), their geographical location and the history of previous visits.

The technology behind personalised content delivery

At its simplest level cookies can be used to store visitor information and tracking codes are used from all forms of advertising (email, PPC, affiliate, social, print) to establish how the visitor first arrived at the website.

But a more complete system stores this data on a database and makes use of more detailed information on the visitor journey to provide the data and tools for calculation of ROI from marketing effort across platform. This type of visitor tracking can be linked with phones calls, print marketing, email and social marketing.

Control over Personalised Content

We can integrate the above within CMS (content management systems) allowing the client control on the content shown to different types of visitor. The simplest form is just changing and advertising banner or the main banner of a website, but more effective solutions involve making the entire page personalised for the visitor.

Detailed reporting can show which type of content performs the best and this can influence further changes to the content shown.


Website Design

"For the record I think that you have done a great job for us on our website to date. I greatly appreciate your efforts and hope to continue working with you in other search marketing areas.."

Dominic Higham,
Patient Choice

Website Design

As you know we were really pleased with the Rethink the Horse Tax website you put together for us, and we’re proud to say that the campaign has so far been well received. Over 10,000 people have signed the petition to which the website links, which is great news.

Jonathan Ware, 

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