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What about offline?
We can provide a total B2B marketing strategy...

This is where 2+2 = 5 or more. A well run online off line campaign is useful, and an optimised online strategy will give good results, but integrate them together and the maths really does not add up. Online marketing works better when supported with offline branding. Offline advertising can be more effective when there is an easy online way of responding.

We can help you define and achieve a successful total marketing strategy.

  • Market research
  • Brand Strategy
  • Channel Strategy
  • Branding creative
  • PR
  • Direct Marketing
  • Internet Marketing

Brand strategy

The concept is simple, but realising and implementing this concept can be more complex.  The simple concept is to position your brand in a unique market position, playing to your strengths. An external consultant can help this process as an outsider can more easily and impartially identify the key issues. Brand strategy includes:

  • Defining your current market environment (you and your competitors)
  • Identifying opportunities and a business vision
  • Brand strategy or vision - determining how each brand will fit with this vision
  • Brand definition - to help with future creative and marketing work.
  • Brand guidelines - the logo is just one part of this
  • Brand evaluation

Channel Strategy

The channel is how you will communicate with your potential clients.

In B2B, selecting and targeting the right target market segments is key to successful marketing. Successful companies prioritise marketing to profitable segments and do not waste effort in less profitable areas. It is then important to recognise that different segments may need different messages and may respond best to different marketing channels.

  • Segment your market and prioritise
  • Refine your message buy market segment
  • Determine the best portfolio of channels for each market segment. These might be offline (direct mail, telesales, SMS, exhibition), PR or online.

Branding creative

A total marketing strategy will consider multiple ways of getting your branding across in a consistent manner. This is more than one logo, it is about a consistent creative concept delivered across different media but in a style best suited to that media and market segment.


PR is about targeting your brand to the right people at the right time, with a message appropriate to the market segment. PR is both offline (trade press, newspapers, TV and radio) and online (facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, blogs).

Direct Marketing

Many market segments still respond well to targeted direct mail or to telephone marketing. With the huge switch to online advertising there are opportunities again for the old fashioned traditional methods of communication.

Internet Marketing

Our Internet Marketing Plans consider all elements of the online marketing mix and could include:

  • Natural Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) on traditional web search
  • Natural SEO on other forms of Internet search
  • Paid advertising on the search engines, known as PPC (pay per click) advertising
  • Paid (PPC) advertising on locations other than traditional web search
  • Banner advertising and other forms of paid advertising (pay per impression)
  • Viral marketing and marketing on the web2.0 and new social networks
  • Online articles PR distribution
  • Email marketing
  • Website conversion (is your website designed to sell?)
  • Measuring the ROI (return on investment) of the different parts of online marketing
  • International considerations (if relevant)

Online Marketing Experience and Qualifications

This work is directed by Dr Rachel Cornish, Associate Fellow of Warwick Business School (and tutor in subjects such as International Marketing and Information Systems on the MBA program). Dr Cornish was one of the first qualified AdWords Professionals in the UK and has extensive practical experience of managing PPC campaigns and email marketing campaigns and implementing successful SEO strategies to help grow businesses on the Internet.

Contact us for a discussion on how we can help you develop an Internet Strategy or Business Strategy that utilises the Internet to improve business profitability.

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