Internet Consultancy

Cornish WebServices offer consultancy and advice in the following specific areas:-

Our consultancy services usually include a written report with an assessment of the situation and clear summary recommendations of actions to be taken. As these services are tailored to the needs of each client, the exact length of time and amount of work varies significantly, and may involve one or more visits.

Consultancy work is only as good as the people carrying out the work. Our consultants expertise page gives an indication of the skills and expertise within Cornish WebServices which we've been providing since 2002.

The Internet is (or should be) a marketing dream.

Easy and fast access to conversion data on the success of marketing campaigns allow a much faster response so that effective campaigns can be increased and ineffective ones stopped.

Our Internet Marketing page gives more information on the types of advice we can give.

There are many websites around that look great, but no-one can find them so they are ineffective as marketing tool.

There are also websites that can be found, but are so hard or confusing to use that they are ineffective at either converting visitors to sales or providing information.

Website usability should be considered from the design phase. Our website usability page gives more information on making your website more usable and more effective.

Cornish WebServices offer a range of accessibility testing, suited to websites of varying size and complexity. For small organisations such as local government, charities and schools or other webdesign companies we offer a basic accessibility testing service enabling just the main website pages to be checked at an affordable cost. We also offer a full accessibility audit more suited to larger organisations (and budgets).

Our website accessibility page gives more information on our website accessibility audits.

The Internet is now such an important part of business life, that all organisations dealing with businesses, and most dealing with consumers should be considering their Internet Strategy. For an increasing number of organisations this is identical to the main business strategy as the Internet is where most of the business processes take place. For others, the Internet forms a significant part of either their operations (email, acquiring supplies) or sales (marketing or selling) that it should form part of the business strategy.

Our internet strategy page gives more information on how we can help you develop an Internet Strategy or Business Strategy that utilises the Internet to improve business profitability.

We currently provide Internet Marketing Consultancy advice in various B2B markets such document management and supply chain management and a variety of B2C markets such as the tourism industry.We also advise various not for profit organisations such as education establishments and church organisations.

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