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There are currently no server issues.

Thursday 14th February 2013 - reports of slow access to CornishCMS for some clients

We are aware that about 5% of clients are experiencing slower access to the CMS for updating websites. This appears to be IP address related. It appears to mostly impact those on BT broadband connections - although most on BT connections are not impacted.

See BT status for any issues that might impact you. Many broadband companies cache the records of where websites are, so you may experience the problem for some time after it is resolved. You can often speed up resolution by restarting your router.


Sunday 27th January 2013 - one server running slow for database access

One of our servers is running slow for any database access.

Resolved: this was a result of a dual attack on the server with multiple IP addresses attempting to overload the system; the attacking IP addreses were blocked and server returned to normal performance.


23rd May 2012 - 123-reg causing some websites to be offline

For anyone with DNS management at 123-reg, some websites we host were not visible intermittently on 23/5/2012

This was due to a problem with the 123-reg DNS servers.

For clarification, any domains we manage using our DNS servers (with multiple levels or redundancy) were unaffected.

Working OK

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