Database design

database design

The majority of websites and projects we build involve a database. For larger projects getting the database design right is critical for the final performance. Slow websites can be caused by an inefficient database setup and slow database queries.

For large projects we provide a full data analysis and often a work flow analysis as well. On many occasions we have taken existing systems and considerably improved the performance, sometimes by factors of over 20x in terms of speed for users.

We have in house staff skilled at database design and build as well as strategic planning.

We have particular expertise at rapid deployment of projects with fast turnaround times on some types of work. For example we have produced large ecommerce stores including integration with online payment and fulfilment systems and full upload of many thousands of products within two months.

Database driven websites

Most content management systems are based on a database.

But databases are also used to store data needed for a website, including products, customers, those registered and visitor data. This information can be used for both marketing analysis and for personalised content delivery.

For marketing websites we can provide detailed information of a visitor journey and provide the data and tools for calculation of ROI from marketing effort across platform. This can be linked with phones calls, print marketing, email and social marketing and include data over many months for industries with a long lead time.

We produce personalised content delivery on websites according to how a visitor arrives, their location and the history of previous visits. This produces significantly higher conversion rates on marketing websites and we were pioneering this back in 2005 before the term content delivery was even thought of.

Business Systems and Document Management

For many organisations that interact with the public there are high costs with handling documents and passing from one person to another. We have built bespoke work flow and business systems that make this process more efficient and allow hosted or cloud based access to data at all times. Our particular expertise here is with systems that start with web enquiries and we then provide analysis of where the leads and profit start from to help with future marketing.

As a business we have been producing database driven marketing websites and backend admin systems for ten years. This work requires knowledge of both marketing and database technologies. We have clear project management processes in place and are ISO9001 accredited. Clients for this type of work include defra (many projects), Bureau Veritas, tourism (BT Travel marketing, Cornish Holiday Lettings), International and UK based Healthcare companies,  the police, insurance companies and finance companies.


Website Design

"For the record I think that you have done a great job for us on our website to date. I greatly appreciate your efforts and hope to continue working with you in other search marketing areas.."

Dominic Higham,
Patient Choice

Website Design

As you know we were really pleased with the Rethink the Horse Tax website you put together for us, and we’re proud to say that the campaign has so far been well received. Over 10,000 people have signed the petition to which the website links, which is great news.

Jonathan Ware, 

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ISO 9001

ISO9001 website design

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