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hosting and servers provided by Cornish WebServices

Cornish WebServices provide hosting for websites and applications of all sizes ranging from business marketing websites up to business critical high volume applications requiring secure server, PCI and GCSX compliant. We host websites for many types of business and organisation including Government websites and websites for the police and healthcare companies.

We own several dedicated servers in different datacentres in the UK and elsewhere. This enables us to provide a high level of contingency and to host different websites for one business in different physical locations which helps search marketing. We can provide a high level of hosting for smaller business unable to afford their own dedicated servers.

We also work with our hosting partners to provide high levels of robustness and a very high service availability for larger applications requiring multiple servers.

Magento servers and hosting

We recommend that high bandwidth and database load (typical of ecommerce) are hosted on a minimum of two load balanced servers setup to provide a faster optimised solution that provides its own contingency if there are issues on one server. This type of hosting is very suitable for Magento powered ecommerce shops, with the main benefit being faster load times and higher conversion rates.

High availability hosting

For high availability systems we can ensure multiple servers are used in different physical locations with a fast switchover in place in the event of network issues impacting one datacentre or area of the country.

PCI and GCSX compliant hosting

We can provide server solutions that meet PCI compliance regulations for storing financial data. We can also provide GCSX compliance as required by (for example) the National health service.

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