Results - SEO/PPC performance

Example client SEO/PPC performance from ongoing Internet marketing work.

There are not many search agencies who can claim to have maintained client websites on the top page and often top 1-3 positions of plus Yahoo for over five years. This requires sustainable search engine optimisation which is robust to changes in search algorithm.

There are not many SEO or PPC agencies who have retained clients for five or more years; this demonstrates a high level of client satisfaction and confidence in our marketing work.

All graphs below use real data. They are not schematic, and they represent real verifiable improvements in results that our clients have experienced.

SEO for consumer electronics website

The search traffic is 40% higher at the end of August 2011 than the same period last year.

  • multiple keywords now within in the top 30 rankings on Google
  • Improvements made to the online shop with a view to increasing conversions

PPC for financial sector

The account performance is improving as expected, with all key performance indicators (KPIs) improving

  • Cost per conversion reduced by 25%
  • Conversion rate up 30% to 11%
 search engine marketing

PPC for an online shop

Number of sales up by 32% in one month

Cost per conversion down to 74% of previous month's value

The number of Contact forms filled in increased by 180%

website visitors  up

SEO (Travel)

Natural search traffic during September to November has increased by 44%.

18 major target keywords on top page of Google.

 search engine marketing

Internet Marketing for B2B services company

33 major target keywords on top page of Google

4 Main target keywords on top page of Google for over 5 years

Contact requests have increased by over 31% in last month

 search engine marketing

PPC (B2B security products)

Number of enquiries up 150% in last month.

Cost per conversion down by 20%

Total PPC spend DOWN in last month (with increasing enquiries)

website visitors  up

SEO (Training sector)

Natural search traffic has increased May 2009 to October 2009 by 162.4%.

9 major target keywords on top page of Google.

Goal conversion Contact page views have increased by 65%.

 search engine marketing

SEO (Insurance sector)

Natural search traffic has increased from September 2009 to October 2009 by 3.8%.

9 major target keywords on top page of Google.

Goal conversions have increased during October by 500%.


website visitors  up

Internet Marketing work

In two months website saw 800% increase in non paid search engine traffic

PPC click through rates more than doubled after two months account optimisation

More userful traffic with over twice the numbers of paid visitors visit the contact page

website visitors  up

Search Engine Optimisation work

In 5 weeks, number of visitors from search engines increased by 180%

5 major target keywords on top page of Google.

4 major target keywords in top few places on Google

website visitors  up

SEO and PPC work

Increase of new vistors to the website of 44% comparing first 6 months of 2009 with first 6 months of 2008.

On 100% of target keywords remained on top page for last 4 months.

Multi-lingual PPC generating over1,200 leads in last few months.

website visitors

Search Engine Optimisation

Increase of natural visitors not typing the company name to the website by 850% in six weeks

Increase of natural visitors to the website of 450%

Increased number of webpages in Google search engine by 8 times within six weeks

website visitors increase

Search Engine Optimisation

Natural visitors to website increased four-fold

Top few positions on Google for important keyword phrases

Website redesign and optimisation

website visitors increase

Search Engine Optimisation

In 3 months, natural visitors from 'insurance' keywords up by 375%

Top few positions for major keywords (e.g. 'private medical insurance'- 2nd)

Top page rankings for most competitive keywords ( e.g. 'medical insurance')

website visitors increase

Pay Per Click Management

Number of sales increased more than 4 times in two months

Profit more than doubled in two months

Average Cost per Click reduced by a massive 60% in just two months

website visitors increase

SEO - Targeting The Tail Keywords

Over 6,500 keyword phrases in top 3 on

Over 4,000 generated traffic to the website

Over5,000% increase in natural visitors over 3 years

All the above show REAL data from REAL clients, using our in house SEO and PPC management services.


PPC work

Our initial site was not achieving the visibility that we needed.... Cornish proved invaluable in making full use of Google.

John Meehan, AlphaLaw

Multilingual PPC

The enquiries are good. Whatever you are doing is working well.

Salvar, Vinci Clinics



SEO work

"Cornish are the SEO experts who've been keeping me at the top of Google for the past 7 years at a reasonable price."

Raymond Mason,
Business Development, Praetorian Guards Ltd

SEO Work

"May I take this opportunity to thank you for all your help and advice during the past year - and excellent SEO work - all much appreciated and I look forward to working with you in the new year."

Ken Christensen,
Dantech Ltd

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