Pay per click (PPC) Advertising in the UK

Although there are a large number of PPC providers, the UK pay per click market is dominated by AdWords, then Overture with other PPC providers offering benefits in some markets. The major UK PPC providers include:

  • Google AdWords
  • Overture Search
  • Mirago UK
  • eSpotting

This page gives a summary of some of these UK Pay per Click Providers.

Google AdWords

Google AdWords is our recommended initial PPC advertising provider for most UK businesses - and certainly those who target a business market. Cornish WebServices only use Qualified AdWords Professionals to manage client PPC budgets, ensuring we can provide a quality service.

Google launched its AdWords scheme in 2002 and it has grown very rapidly, partly at least due to the dominance of the Google search engine.

AdWords also provides advertising to Ask Jeeves and other search engines, and to a network of content sites via Google’s AdSense program.

Overture Search

Overture Search started out with the brand name "Go To" but changed to Overture Search in 2001. In the UK, Overture has a much smaller market share than Google AdWords, but the relative difference in other countries (e.g. the us) is smaller).

Overture PPC ads show up on some major UK search engines such as MSN and Yahoo. Also AOL, Altavista, Tiscali and Wanadoo. The biggest disadvantage is they do not show up on Google, the dominant UK business search engine.

Mirago UK

Mirago Pay per Click advertising operates through a network of search partners, many of whom are exclusive to Mirago. These include names such as InfoSpace, Holiday Watchdog, MoneyFacts and Lycos.

Mirago were the first PPC provider to offer 'day parting' - the ability to show your ad differently at different times of the day.


eSpotting Pay Per Click Advertising was founded in 2000 and initially was a successful brand name in Europe.

By 2003 eSpotting had lost significant market share, particularly in the UK compared to AdWords and Overture. eSpotting now relies on a network of smaller affiliates to display its advertising and is merging with FindWhat (a us pay-per-click provider).

Which Pay per Click (PPC) Provider is best for your website?

Cornish WebServices have worked with many different PPC providers and when appropriate suggest starting new campaigns with some providers (or withdrawing from PPC providers which are not producing a good ROI)..

Contact us for advice on selecting the most appropriate PPC provider. Other factors we consider are how well your website is already doing on the search engines that show the PPC ads.

Other Pay per Click Advertising Information

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