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International PPCDid you know that pay per click advertising is not restricted to English, even on platforms like Google and Bing? Remember that in some countries Google is not the dominant search engine, and Google AdWords is not the dominant PPC supplier. For example in Russia, Yandex is more important, 

We have successfully provided PPC management in languages such as French, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, German and Russian in addition to English.

A successful multilingual PPC campaign requires careful consideration of:

  • keywords used and their precise meaning in other languages
  • ad copy quality, including cultural sensitivity where needed
  • website landing page, requiring careful design and content provision
  • keyword bid price
  • ad performance
  • tracking code on website

We continuously monitor and optimise the account to achieve the best ROI from this form of advertising.

To take full advantage of all PPC engines in both English and a wide range of other languages, give CornishWebServices a call today on 0330 555 4680 to ask about our comprehensive PPC management services which can help you to build up your revenue and grow your business, wherever in the world you are.


Independent PPC Review

Your firm understands and excels at customer satisfaction, has a great depth of knowledge, and has unique advantages over your competitors. We highly recommend you.

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International PPC work

I seem to be getting enquiries from foreigners and bookings so whatever you are doing is working! Just thought I would let you know, it's nice to get foreign enquiries at last! Thanks

Marie Carnell, Looe and Polperro Holidays


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