What is Different About Cornish PPC?

What is Different about PPC Management from Cornish WebServices?

We are still one of very few advertising agencies who charge a fixed fee per month and not a percentage fee. This enables us to recommend client spend goes up or down (to benefit the client) with no impact on our income.

Ten questions to ask your PPC agency:

  1. How often have you recommended a client reduce their advertising spend? We have frequently suggested a decrease in budget to improve performance, yet in over 6 years PPC management we have never seen a recommendation from Google to reduce budget. This is a very important question to ask any agency who charges a percentage of ad spend as their management fee.
  2. Is the PPC management done in house? A surprisingly high number of UK PPC agencies outsource their PPC management offshore. Cornish WebServices carry out all English language PPC management (and a few other languages) in house using staff on our payroll.
  3. How many Qualified AdWords managers do you have? One is clearly not enough, as there is no cover for holidays or sickness. Within Cornish WebServices we have a minimum of 3 Qualified PPC Managers allowing us to provide continuous management for our clients.
  4. Will the account be managed and run by someone who has passed the AdWords exam? Many large agencies have senior staff with suitable qualifications, but account management is done by trainees, learning 'on the job'. Within Cornish WebServices only staff who have passed the AdWords exam manage any client account.
  5. How often is the account reviewed by a real person? There is very useful auto-bidding software around which makes it possible for agencies to leave an account running on auto pilot for many weeks at a time. This gives great opportunity for their competitors to exploit these bidding tactics. If your account does well for a few days each month then deteriorates it is likely it is being managed by a bidding system. Cornish WebServices manually review all accounts very regularly, which is why we can get better results than many other agencies.
  6. Does your PPC agency often make suggestions about your website content? The performance of any PPC ad depends on the website landing page, and any good agency would make suggestions when improvements are needed. Cornish WebServices PPC managers like to work with your developers to get the most effective PPC ads and website combination.
  7. What about Christmas and New Year? Not relevant for B2B websites, but Christmas and New Year is the most important time for many online shops. Yet many PPC agencies close down for a week or more. Cornish WebServices ensure we have cover over this period to switch from Christmas day offers to NewYear Sales, and to actively manage these campaigns, responding to competition which is difficult to predict.
  8. How many PPC providers do you have actual experience of using? Although AdWords is almost always the first choice, there are others, such as Yahoo, Facebook and Yandex. Cornish WebServices have experience with many different PPC providers, enabling us to recommend when to start using these.
  9. How much attention to you pay to Google account Optimisation tips? Many PPC agencies and users of the AdWords system believe that these tips will optimise their account. Cornish WebServices do not; we consider they will optimise Google profits. Google AdWords have targets to increase account spend (for their own benefit) and such tips need considering very carefully.
  10. Do you have any long term clients? An experienced PPC agency with satisfied clients will be able to give references of clients they have been managing accounts for over many years. Cornish WebServices have several clients for whom we have been managing one or more PPC campaigns for as many as 7 years.


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Many thanks to Rachel at Cornish WebServices for taking the stress out of our web marketing. no longer do we have to keep abreast of every new tactic and scheme of companies such as Google to extract even more money from us. She really knows her subject and regularly comes up with ways to improve what we are already doing.

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