PPC Setup

Setting up with Cornish WebServices PPC management

We can set you up a PPC account from scratch. Pay per Click is very much quicker to implement than most other forms of advertising. It is very fast to respond to changing market demand or changes in company situation and campaign budgets can be increased / decreased or paused almost instantly.

Some PPC Campaigns are faster to set up than others - Google AdWords in particular is easy to get started within 10 minutes. Yahoo Search (Overture) takes longer - typically 3 or more days.

PPC can be turned off or reduced quickly if the numbers of orders and enquiries received is too high. We have frequently done this for some of our clients.

Make your internet ads count with our PPC management services

If you have an exisiting PPC account we require your AdWords account ID to manage this. We will then request manager access, this ensures we can manage your account but the credit card details remain only accessible by yourselves.

At the start of any work we define and agree the paid search objectives and ensure tracking code is in place to adequately measure the success of this work. We also agree the initial frequency of customised reports and phone calls.


Independent PPC Review

Your firm understands and excels at customer satisfaction, has a great depth of knowledge, and has unique advantages over your competitors. We highly recommend you.

Independent Review from TopSeos.com

PPC Marketing

Many thanks to Rachel at Cornish WebServices for taking the stress out of our web marketing. no longer do we have to keep abreast of every new tactic and scheme of companies such as Google to extract even more money from us. She really knows her subject and regularly comes up with ways to improve what we are already doing.

Raymond Mason, Dominion Security Ltd


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