PPC for Ecommerce

PPC is perfect for ecommerce stores and a very high level of optimisation can be done to get the highest ROI (return on investment).

Ecommerce shops are about selling and selling straight away, not three months later. This means there is an instant measurable value of benefit – the sale value or the revenue value if your shopping cart allows this to be included.

When managing PPC campaigns for ecommerce shops we will almost always be tracking the sales value per keyword and we manage at the keyword level. We ensure the spend on each keyword is profitable. Online shops can be very profitable with ROI’s in excess of 500%, although most in competitive industries are running with a ROI which just gives sufficient profit. It is in the competitive markets with many online shops that very careful account optimisation is needed.

PPC management for online shops in competitive markets needs a constant watch of costs vs sales for every keyword.

Ecommerce shops can be large, and this means keyword lists can be very large. Typically we’d expect one adgroup per product or product range so the PPC accounts can get very large very quickly. But this does not stop careful account optimisation at the keyword level.

Google keep changing the rules and implementing changes to stop huge accounts (with many hundreds of thousands of keywords) from having an advantage. But some accounts can still be large with many thousands of keywords.

When managing PPC accounts for ecommerce we generally ask about required ROI and any maximum fulfilment requirements. It is important not to generate too many sales that cannot be fulfilled.


PPC and website marketing

I personally rarely use Google to source new team building ideas, but you came up at the top of the search engine list and your website is very good.

Client of Venturis Table

PPC Marketing

Many thanks to Rachel at Cornish WebServices for taking the stress out of our web marketing. no longer do we have to keep abreast of every new tactic and scheme of companies such as Google to extract even more money from us. She really knows her subject and regularly comes up with ways to improve what we are already doing.

Raymond Mason, Dominion Security Ltd


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