PPC for Business 2 Business

PPC can be very useful for B2B and is a great way of generating useful leads or new enquiries.

Comparing PPC for B2B with PPC management for ecommerce, a major difference is in demonstrating value. The matching of sales or value to costs can be harder.

There are two reasons for this:

  • many B2B sales take longer to occur so there is a greater time lag between contact and actual contract or sale.
  • the value of the sale or value of the lead is more subjective

When managing PPC campaigns for B2B we will usually manage to several different targets at once. These include:

  • Brand positioning which requires visibility in the search results and more useful visitors (visitors who do not bounce straight off)
  • Contact forms completed, whether simple contact forms or brochure downloads (whitepaper downloads)
  • Phone calls made as a results of the PPC advertising
  • Visits to a key page (Such as contact or company information). This one is more useful if phone calls cannot easily be tracked.

For websites which we have developed or which we host on the Cornish CMS we can include a lead qualifier on the contact form tracking. This helps us only count the useful contact forms (and gives no weight to the junk forms you get advertising guaranteed SEO, link building or free watches). By discounting the obviously poor leads from the PPC management process we can achieve a better account optimisation.

Cornish WebServices have over 7 years experience successfully managing business to business PPC campaigns, and ensuring value is gained from this advertising.


PPC for UK business

I am delighted to see that we've had so many more impressions and even a few clicks - we should have come to you sooner!

Linda Tanner, Service Company

Multilingual PPC

The enquiries are good. Whatever you are doing is working well.

Salvar, Vinci Clinics


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