Qualifying leads from contact forms


Contact forms on websites are a good way in theory of getting ad recording new enquiries especially in B2B. But there is a catch. If your website does well in terms of SEO (search engine optimisation) and is highly visible you will get lots of contact forms.

In fact huge numbers of contact forms

You will get contact forms from huge numbers of companies offering you SEO services, or links building, or watches, or an amazing number of business leads, or even email lists.

Not helpful, and amongst the junk there might be some genuine enquiries.

Cornish WebServices have specialised in SEO for a long time and we were one of the first website design agencies to have large numbers of clients complaining of junk from the contact forms. There are two problems with this:

  • A waste of time deleting or ignoring them, (but a spam filter helps)
  • Distortion in the measurement of paid advertising such as AdWords PPC

If a client is paying for leads from AdWords then these need to be good ones. How do we ensure that our tracking code measures only useful leads and excludes the ‘SEO offers’ and other junk? The answer is to use the Cornish lead qualifier.

The Cornish lead qualifier is used to stop counting poor grade leads as conversions, and allows us to offer a better level of PPC management. This means that even if the client receives the junk leads, we are not counting these leads as being useful and will work to ensure fewer in future.

The Cornish lead qualifier is under constant development as spammers try different techniques. It is adjusted both for universal changes in poor grade leads, but also customisable for individual client needs.

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