Measuring Benefits of PPC

PPC advertising is the most responsive, measurable and fact acting of any kind of advertising. It is a marketing manager’s dream, and with the right website you can get measure the full value of your investment and ensure your investment is well spent.

To do this the website needs some form of tracking.  There are two types of tracking, depending how implemented; tracking for ongoing management and optimisation and tracking for reporting and periodic checking.

The best is always tracking for optimisation as this allows day by day management at the keyword level for very best results. In some cases this is not practical and other systems such as Analytics can be used for periodic checking.

When measuring the benefits of PPC you first need to consider what the benefits are, then we can provide the systems for measuring this.


For an online shop the obvious measurement is sales value. Some ecommerce systems allow this to be refined to revenue per product rather than sale and this helps us more accurately determine the ROI.

Brochure Requests

For some businesses such as conference facilities and tourism then a brochure request often leads to large booking or sale. We can measure the number of brochures downloaded and give a value to these. We have worked with some clients to accurately determine the value of these, which has often shown the brochure download to be more than 20 times better than a contact form

Contact Forms

These can also be measured and given a value. For websites we have developed or are maintained with the Cornish CMS we can include a lead qualifier on the contact form tracking. This enables us to only count the useful contact forms and gives no weight to the junk or spam forms. By discounting the obviously poor leads from the PPC management process we can achieve a better account optimisation.

Telephone Calls

These can also be tracked with PPC by using a different phone number on the website for visitors arriving by PPC. For websites we host on the Cornish CMS we can provide a variable phone number depending on entry to the website. The phone number redirects instantly to the client’s main phone number so callers notice no change. But this phone number enables us to track and measure the value of the PPC advertising at generating incoming phone calls.


By combining one or more of the above tracking methods we can measure the value of the PPC advertising to the business and ensure the PPC is a profitable form of advertising.


PPC Marketing

Many thanks to Rachel at Cornish WebServices for taking the stress out of our web marketing. no longer do we have to keep abreast of every new tactic and scheme of companies such as Google to extract even more money from us. She really knows her subject and regularly comes up with ways to improve what we are already doing.

Raymond Mason, Dominion Security Ltd

PPC for London

You're doing an excellent job, we are getting loads of calls from London area.

Raymond Mason, Dominion Security


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