PPC Lead Qualifier

The Cornish PPC Lead Qualifier helps ensure only the best leads are counted in the PPC account optimisation process.

If your are paying for leads from AdWords then these need to be good ones or you are wasting your money. It is important not to count the contact forms filled in offering you watches, links, guaranteed SEO or other dubious offers.

The Cornish PPC Lead Qualifier is used to stop counting poor grade leads as conversions. It allows us to offer a better level of PPC management. It is customised per client as different markets attract different types of spam. And some enquiries (eg recruitment consultants) are genuine in some markets and spam in others.

The Cornish lead qualifier is under constant development as spammers try different techniques. We provide this as a module within the Cornish CMS, and can also provide the lead qualifier for use in other websites we manage. The Cornish PPC Lead Qualifier on the Cornish CMS is adjusted regularly for universal changes in poor grade leads


PPC client feedback

PPC Management Services: Your firm understands and excels at customer satisfaction...

Independent Survey, TopSeos.com

PPC work

Our initial site was not achieving the visibility that we needed.... Cornish proved invaluable in making full use of Google.

John Meehan, AlphaLaw


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