The Value of Web Page Title Tags

When creating web pages for any website the title tag of each page is vital in order to make sure each page is optimised to be found online.

The title tag is basically each page’s title, so it needs to succinctly reveal what the page is about to internet browsers but also be optimised to help the page be found high in the search results.

title tags

In fact the title tags are the most important factor when it comes to search engine optimisation because they help the search engine interpret the essence of each web page.

The title tag also has to read well to the human eye and describe a web page accurately; this is because the tag is used widely in search results as well as the web browser window.

The key thing to remember when creating title tags is that they describe a web page, so need to reveal its content. Users will want to quickly understand what each page is about rather than having to read through the page in detail.

There also needs to be variety with each title tag, using the same one for a number of pages will result in bad SEO and also confusion for the website user.

Each page on a website is different so make sure each title tag is too, otherwise your site could be penalised for duplicate content.

Keywords are important in the title tag in terms of SEO and giving an accurate description to users. Placing primary keywords at the beginning of the title is more likely to result in improved search engine optimisation and more clicks too.

Remember to keep the title tags fairly short however and do not overstuff them with keywords, as this may result in the search engines penalising the page for keyword stuffing.

So next time you create a website think carefully about the title tag for each page of the site. A bit of effort put into getting your title tags right will result in huge benefits to your website in terms of SEO and usability.

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Published on 11/03/2013

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