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mobile websitesIt is clear that we use different ways of accessing the internet at different times of the day. A study entitled “Mobile Search Moments: understanding How Mobile Dives Conversions” was recently released as a result of a collaboration of Goole and Nielsen, collecting data from over 6000 mobile searches. The study aims to analyse mobile behaviour and provide insight into how internet marketing agencies can take advantage of this to drive conversions.

The study highlighted some interesting points and topics for discussion. The first of which is that mobile search is more frequently used at night. This stems from the fact that most mobile searches are personal i.e. not work related. For example you may be on the move and need a taxi number after work or you need to order a pizza whilst you are commuting. You will search for things that you want to buy or answers to problems that you are having.

The study also showed that mobile search will be carried out even if there is a computer nearby. The figure stood at 77% with those who were surveyed claiming that mobile search is:

  • The most convenient way to search (62%)
  • The quickest way to search (53%)
  • Mobile search is easier

It was quoted that “searching on a mobile device is quicker, easier and I can do it anywhere.” “It was easier on a mobile device as I didn’t have to get up to turn on the computer and wait for it to boot up.”

It is worth checking out the whole report to see other key statistics that can influence the way you convert customers via mobile search. The study suggests that mobile search is just as important as traditional searches via desktop and business should not neglect the importance of mobile. This is particularly important for B2C business such as clothing retailers, restaurants or food providers and entertainment services such as the cinema.

The study does not mention the age or demographic breakdown of those who were surveyed, which may have indicated the search activity of those in different age groups. Despite this business need to think about a) the times of their customers will search for a particular service, b) the channel that they will be using (mobile or desktop) and c) how to convert these searches into conversions.

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Published on 15/03/2013

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