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Search Engine Optimisation Case Studies

Can you give search engine guarantees? No!
No company can, and no honest company would make such a claim.

How successful are you? Ask our clients! We have many very happy SEO clients.

Can you give some examples? Yes. The following case studies use real data from clients, and we can supply more information on request. But we do not give out valuable client marketing data which competitors could use to their advantage. We are aware that other SEO companies do this (we make use of the data for our clients!) but Cornish WebServices place importance on protecting our client data. It is a valuable marketing asset.

The following case studies give more information on the effectiveness of our SEO techniques.

Case study - Combined use of SEO and PPC to be at top of both sponsored & natural listings

Top of both natural and sponsored listings.

In top two positions naturally.

In top three positions of sponsored search

Effective advertising & brand promotion

More on combined SEO/PPC case study ....

SEO Case Study: Local Search and business listings

Long term sustained top rankings.

Effective search marketing must consider all elements, natural search, paid search but also local search..

Find out more... on how to dominate the search results by appearing at the top of the local listings.


SEO Case Study: Targeting the longer keyword phrases

Targeting the longer keyword phrases

What do you do if:

Your website '"is already search engine optimised"?

Your main 10 keywords are already at the top of Google searches?

Yet you still want more visitors to your website

The answer is you target many hundreds, possibly thousands of longer keyword phrases. Find out more..


Case study - Long term sustained top rankings in competitive business 2 business market

Long term sustained top rankings.

Top page of Google for over 3 years for competitive keywords.

Top 3 position for last 2 years

Website not visible on Google when we started SEO work

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Case study - Dramatic Increase in Natural Search Visitors - Consumer Market

Natural Search Visitors increase dramatically.

Natural search volumes up by 3 times.

Top rankings for main keywords

Top page of Google for over 25 target completive keywords

Top 3 positions on Google for over 100 relevant keywords

More on visitor numbers case study ....


SEO Comparison Studies: French language SEO

Considering how a website is launched affects SEO

Fast increase in natural rankings and natural search visitors when website launched in an SEO optimum manner.

Same website re-launched later with no lunch strategy shows far slower rise in natural search visitors.



Long term SEO should always provide long term consistent and excellent search engine rankings. This is possible even in competitive industries provided a SEO strategy is used which is robust to search engine algorithm changes.

Search Engine Optimisation Services

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