Website Usability

There are many websites around that look great, but no-one can find them so they are ineffective as a marketing tool.

There are also websites that can be found, but are so hard or confusing to use that they are ineffective at converting visitors to sales or providing information.

Website usability should be considered from the design phase. Logos and graphics are an essential part of the design, but their positioning should not be entirely left to what 'looks best'.

Why do many of the top converting websites look similar in layout?

Many are using a knowledge of website usability to place content in certain areas of the website. This is exactly the same principle that supermarkets use in the positioning of products around the store. Where a product is located within a supermarket affects how many are sold. The same applies to websites; where a link (or call to action) is located affects how many visitors will take action.

Information websites and selling websites perform a different function, and expect a different response from the website visitor. From a usability point of view they will (or should) be designed differently.

Can my company brochure and website look the same?

Because all company literature should enhance the branding or 'image' of the organisation, the website and company brochure will be similar in colour and in the tone or theme conveyed. But they are unlikely to look the same. This is because the most important parts of a brochure do not correspond to the most important parts of a webpage. Organisations that take both print and Internet marketing seriously will therefore have different looking websites and brochures.

Contact us for advice on improving the usability of your website, or redesigning your website to maximise sales leads.

BUT - if you simply want a website that 'looks nice', and are not concerned about ROI please use another web designer. We prefer to design marketing websites.

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