Accessiblity Audits

Cornish WebServices offer a range of accessibility testing and accessibility audits suited to websites of varying size and complexity.

For small organisations such as local government, charities and schools or other web design companies we offer a basic accessibility testing service enabling just the main website pages to be checked at an affordable cost. We hope that by bringing down the costs of accessibility testing more organisations will create websites that can be read by screen readers. This work is automatically carried out on all websites we design as standard.

We also offer a full accessibility audit more suited to larger organisations (and budgets).

Full Accessibility Audits with actual live testing

A substantial part of this work is carried out using the JAWS (Job Access With Speech) software, and does not rely on automated accessibility checking software. Automated checkers are useful up to a point, but to ensure a website is usable by a non-sighted person requires actual testing, and we can provide this. One of our most experienced testers is himself blind and so fully qualified to undertake this work.

An accessibility audit also includes other work such as checking for colour blind issues and browser compatibility.

Did you know? It is the responsibility of the organisation, not the website designer to ensure your website complies with the DDA (Disability Discrimination Act)?

Contact us for advice on improving the accessibility of your website to comply with existing UK legislation. This will also improve the marketing of your website on the search engines.

Email usTel: +44 (0)330 555 4680

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