Unethical Search Engine Optimisation

Unethical search engine Optimisation attempts to deceive the search engines into listing a particular website more highly. In particular, the search engine is given different information to the sighted user.

This is used be some companies to get adult websites listed and to market this material on search engines that do not openly permit such sites. This is one reason that Google and other search engines work hard to removed unethically optimised websites from their search engine directories.

Cornish WebServices do not optimise such websites, and do not use any such tactics to list other websites higher.

Unethical search engine tactics

The types of unethical search engine tactics most commonly used include:

inserting hidden text into the webpage.

inserting text behind images

providing different pages to users / search engines

abuse of markup and titles

Unethical tactics have also been referred to as black search engine Optimisation. Sometimes too much Optimisation has been done on a website, and the website is so full of keywords so that it is hard to read (as opposed to these keywords being deliberately hidden). This is known as over-Optimisation.

Why use unethical search engine Optimisation?

Cornish WebServices never use such practices.

In the long term, ethical search engine Optimisation is better.. Unethical Optimisation practices may get a website listed in the short term but long term the website is likely to be banned.

Search Engine Optimisation Services

Cornish WebServices have been successfully marketing websites on the Internet since 2002 (before search engine Optimisation became popular). Contact us for a realistic quotation to naturally optimise your website for increased visibility in the search engines

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