Search Engine Optimisation Prices

We are frequently asked for some information on search engine Optimisation price. These vary enormously on the website itself, the competitiveness of the market and your expectations.

Search Engine Optimisation Prices at the design phase

If search engine Optimisation is considered when the website is designed, then the additional design costs are very low. Cornish WebServices estimate that it costs an extra 5-10% at the design phase to create a naturally search engine optimised website. This cost is already included within any website design quotations given by Cornish WebServices.

Such a website will do well in all but the most competitive markets, without a huge amount of additional work.

Prices for search engine optimised websites in highly competitive markets

In some markets, there is now a competitive Internet market in obtaining sales leads. The website is no longer there to help the marketing or help the sales process, but the website is the marketing and sales tool. The entire website should be planned with search engine Optimisation in mind. It is most likely that the website will need to be large (100's of pages in some markets, 1,000's of pages in other markets) with every page containing unique relevant content. These website are typically dynamically generated, and often potential sales leads and enquiries are used to generate further pages. Prices for such a website start from £3,000.

Search Engine Optimisation Prices for existing websites

The costs involved very much depend on the size and complexity of the website and the way in which the website has been written. Any website that is accessible will be cheaper and quicker to optimise for particular keywords. Non accessible websites, and websites full of Flash and JavaScript take longer to optimise, and we usually end up completely rewriting all the web code, keeping just the visual design.

Prices for ongoing search engine Optimisation

As many other companies are now realising the importance of search engine Optimisation, there is growing competition in most markets for the top page of Google.

Cornish WebServices provide a continued monthly search engine Optimisation service which includes monitoring website rankings and making continuous enhancements to increase and maintain search engine rankings. For smaller businesses or less competitive markets we provide quarterly or annual search engine Optimisation service.

Ongoing search engine Optimisation is recommended for small / medium sized businesses for whom the Internet is an important marketing medium.

Contact Cornish WebServices for a realistic quotation to naturally optimise your website for increased visibility in the search engines.

Search Engine Optimisation Services

Cornish WebServices have been successfully marketing websites on the Internet since 2002 (before search engine Optimisation became popular). Contact us for a realistic quotation to naturally optimise your website for increased visibility in the search engines.

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