Cornish WebServices PPC management service

Our PPC management service includes the following:

Ongoing keyword selection and optimisation

We will regularly check the keywords used in the campaigns. This is based on your website, your competitors websites and historic search data. We may seek advice or clarity from yourselves on the relevancy of some of these.

Ad generation (ad copy, landing page) and ongoing ad copy testing

We will continuously try new variations of ad copy and test these to see which perform better. We will also try out different landing pages, and offer advice on improving the website layout to create more sales or enquiries.

If required we can implement changes to websites to make them more effective, or edit page copy to give improved paid search performance. We have copywriters and in house programmers able to implement this for clients who cannot resource this themselves.

We provide advice on banner advertising, including if required designing and creating the banners (static or animated).

Bid price management

We will continuously monitor and adjust the bid prices to obtain the best return on investment.

Campaign distribution specification and optimisation

We periodically review if you should be using a different set of paid search providers. This might include:

  • Changing the way the Content network is used
  • Using Yahoo Paid Search!
  • Using PPC on Facebook
  • Using image ads or banner ads

Regular competitor monitoring

We keep an eye on your competitors; this enables us to provide the best paid search management service.

Regular customised reports

At the start of the work we will agree the most useful set of regular reports and the most useful reporting interval. 

Regular phone or email contact

Our primary method of communication will be through phone calls or emails as this gives a more personalised and responsive service

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Email usTel: +44 (0)330 555 4680

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