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International Air Charter

Air Charter business websiteInternational Air Charter provide a worldwide executive charter service, and have clients of many nationalities throughout the world. During 2007, Cornish WebServices provided website and database development and marketing services to this Faversham based company, initially focusing in the English language search market.

The Internet is a great medium for marketing as data collection and analysis is easy and fast compared to offline marketing. Cornish WebServices helped develop website and email marketing tracking systems allowing website visitors to be tracked from initial point of contact through to flight enquiry.

International Air Charter is staffed to handle phone enquiries in a variety of languages, and during 2007 Cornish WebServices assisted in the 'glocalisation' of the company's website.

Initially, the website was translated and adapted for Russian, Arabic and French markets. Russian and French are relatively straightforward, both being left to right character sets, meaning very few design changes are required. But different languages do have different amounts of 'verboseness' in language, requiring some adjustments for differing amounts of text.

When converting a website to Arabic greater style changes are required to cater for the right to left characters. Any graphics with text are also more of a challenge as graphics programme support for the Arabic language is poor compared to other character sets.

www.privatejetcharter.com | www.privatejetcharter.fr | www.privatejetcharter.ru | www.privatejetcharter.ae

In development: www.privatejetcharter.de

Do you require a business website in multiple languages?

Cornish WebServices have been successfully designing and creating websites since 2002, and multi-lingual websites since 2006. Contact us for an international website quotation. We have experience with the following languages: English, French, Dutch, German, Spanish, Russian, & Arabic, but could handle a selection of other languages as well. When 'glocalising' a website we would usually include a small amount of search engine optimisation work - effectively building the website to do well in the local search engines.

Cornish WebServices are an Internet Marketing Company. We currently have expertise for search engine optimisation and PPC management in English, French, Russian and Dutch. For some markets (e.g. Russia) the PPC management requires use of different PPC providers (e.g. Yandex). The same applies to Natural Search Engine Optimisation (e.g. submitting to Rambler in Ru).

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