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DryOutNow business website A business website for a company who offer Counseling and Rehabilitation to people with an Alcohol addiction.

Cornish WebServices provided website and database development and search engine marketing services to increase the visibility of the DryOutNow.com website on the Internet from June 2006 through to January 2009.

During this time total visitors to the website increased from under 100 per day to over 1,000 per day. Non paid visitors from the search engines (from search engine optimisation work) increased from an average of 5/day to over 500/day.

Cornish WebServices used mainly SEO and PPC techniques to increase website visibility with particular emphasis on local search results. When providing total search marketing services for clients our aim is always to maximise the number of useful visitors to the website. This is a more useful measure of success than simple 'search engine ranking positions'. It does not actually matter where your website is listed as long as large numbers of relevant visitors click onto it.

From the end of January 2009 the maintenance and search marketing of this website has been done in house by the client.


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