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AlphaLAW provide software solutions to the legal profession.

The original website design and website maintenance and updating was carried out by AlphaLAW. Cornish WebServices have provided specific assistance in areas of search engine optimisation, menus and contact forms.

In 2007, Cornish Webservices redesigned the website to better reflect AlphaLaws marketing literature. Whilst doing this parts of the website were restructured to produce a better search engine optimised website to allow this to compete in the competitive online software market.


Do you require a business website?

Cornish WebServices have been successfully designing and creating websites since 2002. Contact us for a website design quotation.

Cornish WebServices have a policy of designing and creating both small and large business websites. All business websites are designed to be easy to extend in future, and we have the in-house skills to add on extra facilities such as online-payments, databases, forums or full shopping carts should you need these at a later stage.

Email usTel: +44 (0)330 555 4680

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