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ID Asset Labels, Dantech

ID Asset Labels, DantechIDAssetLabels.co.uk is the new website from Dantech Ltd. Dantech Ltd are a premium producer of asset and security labels across all industries to help  secure and protect your assets. Currently a client of Cornish WebServices, Dantech asked how we could focus more emphasis on asset labels and further improve their search engine optimisation.

We came up with a visually appealing design to suit the modern view of the internet. This was done with a combination of expert CSS techniques, flash presentation and high resolution images. In order to sell their products further, we provided interactivity through flash and JavaScript to take users to the asset label of their choice and keep their attention on the website. This all leads to a great user experience which will help improve sales.

The website focuses heavily on their target keywords and we have employed our ‘tried and tested’ search engine optimisation techniques which will help the website to be found in the search engines.


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