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  • Cornish WebServices Have Rebranded - 19/03/2013
    After more than ten years trading under the Cornish WebServices name we have rebranded to ExtraDigital. This new name better reflects our position in the digital media...    article 11
  • Mobile Search: The Latest Statistics - 15/03/2013
    It is clear that we use different ways of accessing the internet at different times of the day. A study entitled “Mobile Search Moments: understanding How Mobile...    article 12
  • Web Design in Cornwall - 14/03/2013
    There are plenty of web design agencies located around the UK and particularly in London. However there are other parts of Britain that are creative hubs and have a lot...    article 13
  • Hand Crafted Signs - 13/03/2013
    If you want to ensure readable signs that enable visitors to negotiate their way around a city, countryside area or a visitor attraction then hand crafted signs can be...    article 14
  • Which Social Media generates the most leads for B2B? - 12/03/2013
    A solid aim of a business or B2B website is generate leads. Goals for ecommerce of B2C are much easier to track as the source of purchases can be recorded instantly;...    article 15
  • The Value of Web Page Title Tags - 11/03/2013
    When creating web pages for any website the title tag of each page is vital in order to make sure each page is optimised to be found online. The title tag is basically...    article 16
  • Use Social Media to Promote your Event - 08/03/2013
    Social media can be used in so many different ways and is ideal for promoting events. As an event is a social gathering; using social media to tell all your friends,...    article 17
  • Protecting your Walls and Floors - 07/03/2013
    There is no better way to protect your walls and floors than to tile them. Tiles offer a protective surface that is very long wearing and they also look really...    article 18
  • How to Create a Home Cinema - 06/03/2013
    If you really enjoy watching movies then it could be a great idea to set up your own home cinema. It can be easy to create a cinema at home. You just need the right...    article 19
  • Understanding the Google Disavow Links Tool - 05/03/2013
    Launched in October 2012, Google’s Disavow Links tool allows website owners to say they don’t want certain links to and from external sites to be considered...    article 20

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