Which Social Media generates the most leads for B2B?

A solid aim of a business or B2B website is generate leads. Goals for ecommerce of B2C are much easier to track as the source of purchases can be recorded instantly; however B2B conversions need to be measured differently and can take some months to convert.

The use of social media for B2B has been widely debated and questioned in the past. Some say Yes - a social media presence is a must give the way modern communication has grown to involve social media. Others say no - you only need to be where your customers are. The side you fall on will be subjective to the type of business you have as social media is not a one size fits all. There are different social platforms suitable for different business.

This begs the question - which social media platform is best for generating leads? At first thought many would hazard a guess at linked in. For consulting company’s and companies who’s services are based on experience and knowledge this would be true, but for others, evidence suggests otherwise.

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A study was carried out by Optify in 2012 in which included 62 million site visits and 350,000 leads. According to this graph from emarketer it was clear that Facebook was responsible for 54% of visits via social media, while Twitter was 32%. Interestingly 82% of leads were recorded to come from Twitter suggesting that Twitter generates more leads whilst Facebook is hot for visitors.

The most surprising statistic here is the performance of Linked-in. Given that the site is purely aimed at providing a platform for businesses these results seem particularly questionable. These results do not actually take into account the type of businesses surveyed but they do provide a general insight into what to expect from each social platform. There is also no indication as what constitutes as a ‘lead.’

However, the statistics are useful for gaining insight into how each social media is interacted with. The sole fact that leads are generate means that it’s definitely worth investing time into your social media platforms if you have the resources. Cornish WebServices can help you unlock the potential of social media with our social media services aimed at providing you with the tools you need to succeed. For more information call 0330 555 4680 or fill out an online contact form

Published on 12/03/2013

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