Hand Crafted Signs

If you want to ensure readable signs that enable visitors to negotiate their way around a city, countryside area or a visitor attraction then hand crafted signs can be ideal.

Hand crafted signs can be made to include whatever wording, images or symbols are required in order to help guide visitors. The design possibilities are endless with hand crafted signage.

hand crafted sign

These bespoke signs can be made from wood, metal or plastic – or a combination of all three - depending upon the location of the sign and the way you want it to look, as well as the level of durability needed.

For instance in a countryside area, it may be nice to have a wooden sign that is hand carved to display directions and decorative motifs. In really remote country areas however, it may be more suitable to have a wood-effect plastic sign.

This is because natural wood can deteriorate when exposed to the elements over long periods of time. A sign in an area of natural beauty needs to blend in with the environment but still be strong, this is a situation where wood-effect plastic might be more suitable because it looks natural but is highly durable.

Fitzpatrick Woolmer specialise in creating hand crafted signs to suit the needs of the client and the environment in which the sign will be situated. They can create beautiful wood and metal signs and also durable wood-effect plastic signs. To find out more visit www.fwdp.co.uk

Published on 13/03/2013

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