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SEO technique: Targeting the longer keyword phrases

What do you do when main target keywords are consistently at the top of the search engines?

Although many SEO companies would see their mission accomplished, is there a way of increasing traffic volumes further? Yes, by targeting very large numbers of longer keyword phrases.

Cornish WebServices were using this strategy with the dryoutnow com website to produce a 57% increase in natural website visitors despite the website already being at the top of the search engines for most relevant searches.


This was the fourth period of Optimisation work for dryoutnow com (Triage Healthcare Limited).

Far more dramatic increases were seen with the initial work when starting with very low visitors numbers from a non optimised website. In fact three years of SEO work have resulted in increase in natural visitors of over 5,000%, with 240% and 260% increases in natural visitor numbers achieved in the last two periods of work.

By January 2008 all main keywords were consistently in the top few places on Google UK and over 500 less competitive longer keyword phrases were also in the top few places. The next stage in the natural search Optimisation process was to significantly increase the number of keywords achieving top places

From January 2008- January 2009 Cornish WebServices concentrated on Optimisation of second and third level keywords, but it was important to maintain the consistently high rankings for all existing keywords.

Continued high rankings for all target keywords

Search engine rankings for alcohol treatment keywords
Keyword phraseNatural Search Rankings on

Local Alcohol help

Top 3 positions for over 12 months, usually 1st place

Private Alcohol Treatment

Top 3 positions for over 12 months, usually 1st place

Alcohol Treatment

Mostly Top page for over 12 months

Alcohol Rehab

Top page for over 12 months, mostly top 3 positions

Alcohol rehab centres

Top page for over 18 months, mostly 1st place

Alcoholism Help

Top page for over 18 months, mostly top 5 positions

Alcoholism Treatment

Top page for over 12  months, mostly top 3 positions

Alcohol Detox

Mostly top page for over 18 months

Alcohol Rehabilitation

Top page for over 12 months, mostly top 5 positions

Alcohol Rehabilitation centre

Top 8 positions for over 12 months, mostly top3 positions

SEO technique: Targeting longer keyword phrases

A much larger set of longer keyword phrase were selected based on historical keyword research with the aim of adding an extra 300 top rankings per month for keywords phrases attracting a small number of regular searches.  

number keywords in top 3 og Google for dryoutnow

The results far exceeded expectation and within 12 months the dryoutnow com website has many thousands of keyword phrases in the top few positions on Google. Over 4,000 of these keyword phrases (at positions 1-3 in generated natural traffic to the website, and after 12 months of work dryoutnow com had over 6,500 keyword phrases showing in positions 1-3 on

Client Comment

I do think you have been great at SEO. Dr. Trathen, Director, Triage Healthcare Ltd


Targeting the longer keywords in high volumes (many hundreds, preferably thousands of keywords) is a very effective search engine Optimisation technique that gives high quality natural traffic in a sustainable manner. Targeting the longer phases also helps the shorter main keywords.

This type of SEO technique is essential to get as much natural traffic as possible and is similar to paid search techniques of ‘targeting the tail’ in competitive markets.

Note (Feb 2009): from February 2009 the SEO of dryoutnow com was handled internally by the client and the above results may have changed.

Search Engine Optimisation Services

Cornish WebServices have been successfully marketing websites on the Internet since 2002 (before search engine Optimisation became popular). Contact us for a realistic quotation to naturally optimise your website for increased visibility in the search engines.

Has your website been 'optimised' for a few keywords but levels of natural traffic seem low? If so contact us for serious search engine Optimisation work targeting many hundreds of searched on keyword phrases, and not just the 10-20 main keywords.


SEO work

"I was introduced to Cornish WebServices by a colleague who said that [their] advice and design work on his website had brought him to the top of the natural search pages in Google... That was in August and we are now on front page... Now searching high, bringing in customers, job done!... Thanks."

David Jefferson,
Director JI Software

Cornish CMS

"I am currently working on updating the website. This process is wonderfully user-friendly – many thanks!"

Michael Reeves,
Assistant Headteacher,
Garratt Park School,

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SEO work

"Cornish are the SEO experts who've been keeping me at the top of Google for the past 7 years at a reasonable price."

Raymond Mason,
Business Development, Praetorian Guards Ltd

SEO Work

"May I take this opportunity to thank you for all your help and advice during the past year - and excellent SEO work - all much appreciated and I look forward to working with you in the new year."

Ken Christensen,
Dantech Ltd

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