SEO for Grahams Hi-Fi and Home Cinema

"Ecommerce Revenue Greatly Increased"

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Cornish WebServices was asked to optimise the Grahams website, particularly focusing on their home cinema section. The Grahams website is an ecommerce site so the aim is to generate more visitors and ultimately increase revenue.


We implemented an SEO management service that optimised the Grahams website in a very short amount of time, using our tried and tested SEO techniques. We also increased their social network visibility so they are seen more on the internet.


There was a 44% increase in ecommerce revenue on their site in one month, as well as a 6% visitor increase overall. This is a direct result of search engine optimisation bringing more people to the site.

There was also a 31% increase in unique page views in under a month, showing that people are spending longer browsing the site and looking at individual pages.

We also improved their visibility on the internet through social media by syncing their Facebook feed with their main website. As a result there has been a huge increase in ‘Likes’ for the hi-fi and home cinema company, as seen below.

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