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"SEO Helped this Website to Rise Quickly Up the Rankings".

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A business website for a company based in Devon who design and manufacture quality GRP products for the Service Industry.


We redesigned their website in 2005. It did very well and was top of search engines for many years and generated a lot of business. But after four years the website needed upgrading to cater for wider website design. We were asked to redesign and include a shop. We did so and added lots of good SEO content in all but one section. We also implemented our Cornish CMS so the client could edit their website easily.

In the mean time Kingsley’s competitors had their websites designed and search engine optimised. Kingsley's website dropped down the search engine rankings so we offered the SEO again. Their website has now risen quickly up the rankings again.

This website is an example of a standard business website with a double level navigation system. This usually includes a homepage, about 5 main pages, between 5-50 subpages, a contact page and some general pages.

The navigation system consists of both a drop down menu plus second level links, so that it is fully accessible and meets current disability legislation. All such websites are also written in a search engine friendly way.

We provided this website with an initial 20 pages and and ability for the client to add and edit further content themselves through the Cornish CMS. They have successfully more than trebled the size of the website.



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