Tracking Your PPC Ads


If you have a Google AdWords account for your business or your PPC Manager runs an account for you, it is important to make sure your ads are properly tracked.

Google AdWords Converson Tracking is essential in order to measure your online ad campaign performance. It allows you to see which of your keywords, ads, ad groups and search queries are doing well.

Conversion tracking can also let you measure specific details of your campaign, allowing you to state what factors you are trying to measure when you set it up. Such factors could be how many people are signing up, purchasing or enquiring on your website as a direct result of PPC ads.

Google provides you with a piece of tracking code that can be placed on say a contact or order confirmation page on your website. This is very useful because every time someone converts via your website, it sends data back showing which of your keywords and ads are working best to make this happen.

This kind of PPC ad tracking is useful for all businesses but is an essential online advertising tool for small businesses as they need to make sure the money they spend on paid online ads is worthwhile.

Some small businesses don’t even implement conversion tracking, therefore wasting valuable potential feedback. Others use it but don’t specify specific factors they want to track, again wasting a great resource!

So if you are a business looking for pay-per-click management or want more essential advice like this about how to make the most of PPC, contact Cornish WebServices.

We are experts in PPC and will make sure your online advertising performance is being tracked so that PPC can really boost your business.

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